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The First

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The First

Written by Caroline Graham

A fresh graduate from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, the question I am constantly being probed with is "what’s next?"  While for so many months I approached the inevitable question begrudgingly, now I am delighted to say I am reuniting with my Nashville roots and partaking in a summer internship at  Here I sit, not in a cubicle or fetching coffee for the more experienced writers but at my own desk next to a window overlooking the charming historic main street of downtown Franklin, looking forward to a fabulous summer spent dabbling in all the things I enjoy.

Interning at Franklin Is will provide an opportunity for me to work with people, to be involved in community, to indulge myself in culture, to hone my writing skills, and most importantly, to learn from all these adventures.  Thank you, Franklin, for all you have to offer, and I so look forward to diving into relationship with you!