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Moody’s Tire & Auto Service: A Family Business Here to Stay

Moody’s Tire & Auto Service: A Family Business Here to Stay

Moody’s Tire & Auto Service is a family business in Franklin, Tennessee that provides a variety of products and services including tires, wheels, auto repair, vehicle customization, trailer repair, and roadside assistance.

“I grew up in this business,” says co-owner Jimmy Moody. “I started working when I was in high school, but I’ve been here my whole life.”

This local shop has been winning 1st place in The Sizzle Awards’ Best Auto Care category for many years, where hundreds of Williamson County residents vote for Moody’s as best of the best. 

“We don’t ever take it for granted,” says Moody. “It’s flattering because we used to be the only place you could go in town, but now there’s multiple places to choose from and people still come to us. With the town growing as rapidly as it is, still getting 1st place just shows that we’ve been doing it right for 79 years.”


Moody’s accepts The 2023 Sizzle Award for Best Auto Care


Moody’s Tire & Auto Services’ core values include honesty, integrity, family, and faith. 

“I believe we are a business that has always put the customer first,” says Moody. “When you put the customer before money, that translates to the community. If you treat others how you would want to be treated, people will recognize that.”

Moody’s Tire & Auto Repair was founded by two brothers 79 years ago and the Moody family has been serving the Williamson County community for three generations now.

“The business was started in 1944 by my great uncles Tom and Ed,” says Moody. “Ed was in World War II while Tom started the business here in town and would send money to help him. When Ed got out of the war, he came back to help his brother out. The shop was originally named The Moody Brothers.”


Co-owner Jimmy Moody


A lot has changed since the 1940s, but this family business has held true to their core principles through every trial and tribulation.  

“I’m proud of how we’ve been able to transition and pivot during hard times,” says Moody. “79 years is a long time to be in business so we have seen a lot, but we’ve held strong and grown. In the past 7 years, we actually added another location in Cool Springs. It just shows that we’re not stale and the one thing that hasn’t changed is our core principles.”

The future of Moody’s Tire & Auto Repair is bright and they can’t wait to celebrate 100 years! 

“We started out as the only shop in town and we took care of Williamson County,” says Moody. “If I envision the future, I would just want to see us continuing to take care of Williamson County and maybe even add another location as the community grows. We’ve celebrated 79 years so far and we’re here to stay.”