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Food Trucks in Brentwood?

Food Trucks in Brentwood?

The Brentwood Municipal Code does not currently allow food trucks to sell products in office areas where retail sales are prohibited.  Over the past several years many companies in the Maryland Farms area have expressed interest in hosting food trucks as a lunchtime alternative for the Brentwood, TN employees.

Based on research from other cities and input received from the Board of Commissioners, city staff has prepared two new draft ordinances to address operating, permitting, and zoning issues for food trucks.  You can read the draft ordinances here. 


Dates to remember for consideration of the food truck ordinance:


January 10, 2017 First reading of both ordinances (Zoning Ordinance amendment and detailed mobile food vendor regulations)


February 6, 2017 Planning Commission review of Zoning Ordinance amendment


February 13 Public hearing on Zoning Ordinance amendment
February 27 Second/final reading of both ordinances