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Your Guide to Biking in Williamson County, TN: Trails, Gear, and More

Your Guide to Biking in Williamson County, TN: Trails, Gear, and More

As World Bicycle Day approaches on June 3rd, it’s the perfect time to explore the fantastic biking opportunities in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County, Tennessee. This article delves into the biking trails available for all skill levels, offering a blend of scenic routes and challenging paths. Additionally, we’ll guide you on where to buy, rent, and service your bike, ensuring you have all the gear you need for an enjoyable ride. 

Join us as we explore the world of biking in Williamson County!

Smith Park Brentwood Bike Trail

Bike Trails in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County, Tennessee

Discover the best bike trails in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County, where scenic routes and diverse terrains cater to cyclists of all levels. From paved paths perfect for leisurely rides to challenging mountain bike trails, these locations offer a variety of experiences. Whether you’re exploring the expansive trail systems of Brentwood, the historic paths at Eastern Flank Battlefield Park, or the rugged trails at Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park, there’s something for everyone. Plan your next cycling adventure and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and trails throughout the area.

Bowie Park & Nature Center

Bowie Nature Park in Fairview, Tennessee, offers 17 miles of multi-use trails suitable for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The trails vary in difficulty and traverse through diverse landscapes, including lakes, ponds, and forested areas. The park features both flat and slightly hilly terrain, making it accessible for riders of all skill levels. 

When visiting Bowie Nature Park, make sure to stop by the Nature Center. There, you can pick up a trail map, get oriented, view animal exhibits, and grab a program guide to learn about the park’s activities. Visitors are encouraged to call (615) 799-5544 before visiting, as trails are sometimes closed due to wet conditions. • 7211 Bowie Lake Road, Fairview, TN 37062 •

Brentwood Trail System

The Brentwood trail system offers a comprehensive network of paved trails perfect for walking, jogging, and cycling. Connecting parks and landmarks such as the Brentwood Library, Williamson County Recreation Center, and YMCA, the trails range from one to ten miles. These paths provide amenities like restrooms, parking, and drinking fountains, and are designed for both leisurely enjoyment and exercise. The red trail along the Little Harpeth River features marked points of interest, and most trails are easily accessible from local schools and neighborhoods.

The trails vary in length and difficulty and are designed to provide a great place to walk, jog, run, bike, and roller-blade. They incorporate other park areas and the Brentwood Library. Most trails are connected by paved paths, which can be combined to create longer routes.

To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience on the Brentwood trails, review the trail map and adhere to the rules. The map provides detailed information on trail lengths and connections, while the rules emphasize safety and trail etiquette, such as wearing helmets, staying on designated paths, and respecting wildlife and other trail users.

Boy looking through bike wheel

Eastern Flank Battlefield Park

Eastern Flank Battlefield Park in Franklin, Tennessee, offers a scenic 2-mile paved trail suitable for biking. The trail, which follows a former golf cart path, is located on the historic site of the Battle of Franklin. This makes it an excellent choice for families and history enthusiasts who want to combine exercise with learning about local history. • 1343 Carnton Lane, Franklin, TN •

Franklin Mountain Bike Trail

The Franklin Mountain Bike Trail, also known as The Cool Springs Mountain Bike Trail, is located near Columbia State Community College Williamson Campus and offers a 1.25-mile loop with a 170 ft elevation gain. The trail is divided into two loops and features rocky, hilly terrain suitable for beginner mountain bikers. Parking is available at Columbia State’s lot or a small cutout on Southstar Drive. Trail markers and bike tools are provided at the entrance. Though primarily a biking trail, it’s also great for hiking or running when not busy. Future plans aim to expand the trail to 4 miles. • 7062 Southstar Drive, Franklin, TN 37067 •

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park in Brentwood, Tennessee, is an ideal destination for cyclists seeking scenic and varied biking trails. The park offers a network of paved and natural surface trails that wind through picturesque woodlands and historical sites. The trails cater to different skill levels, providing both leisurely routes and more challenging paths. In addition to biking, the park features amenities such as restrooms, parking, and picnic areas. The park also boasts the historic Ravenswood Mansion, adding a touch of history to your ride. • 1825 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 371-0060 •

Woman mountain biking in forest

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway, a scenic 444-mile route managed by the National Park Service, offers a paradise for your next cycling adventure. Cruise through rolling hills and immerse yourself in stunning natural beauty, all while encountering historic sites along the way.

Before you head out, prioritize safety by reviewing the parkway’s safety guidelines, maps, and trail rules. The National Park Service also provides extended parking areas for cyclists leaving their cars for longer trips, with overnight parking requiring registration. Stay informed by checking the parkway’s What is Open and What is Closed page for current conditions and any closures due to maintenance, weather, or other factors. Electronic bicycles are welcome wherever traditional bikes are allowed, but there are no charging stations on the parkway, so plan to charge off-site.

To enhance your ride, pick up a free biking packet from the National Park Service, packed with valuable information. In addition, Natchez Trace Cycling is a great resource, offering detailed route maps, lodging options, cycling tips, and even information on bike rentals, guided tours, and support services.

Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park

Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park in Franklin, Tennessee, is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts, spanning 156 acres with 13 trails over 6 miles. Catering to all skill levels, the park features a mix of flow and downhill trails, providing a thrilling experience for both beginners and advanced riders. Safety is a priority, with helmet use mandatory and comprehensive trail guidelines in place, including staying on designated trails and respecting wildlife. • 5664 Wilkins Branch Rd, Franklin, TN 37064 •

Bikes in a bike shop

Where to Get Your Cycling Gear in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County

Whether you’re gearing up for a leisurely ride or a challenging mountain bike trail, finding the right gear is essential. Luckily, Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County offer numerous bike shops with a wide range of bikes, from road and mountain to electric models. These shops not only provide bike sales but also rentals, professional fittings, and comprehensive repair services. Additionally, many carry a variety of cycling accessories and apparel to ensure you’re well-equipped for every ride. 

DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of bicycles and cycling gear. The store provides various types of bikes, including road, mountain, and hybrid models, along with essential cycling accessories and apparel. Their services include bike assembly and maintenance. • 2000 Mallory Ln Ste 270, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 778-0595 •

Franklin Bicycle Company

Franklin Bike Shop offers a wide selection of bikes, including trail, mountain, and electric bikes from brands like Aventon, Scott, and Euphree. They provide services such as bike fitting, repairs, and tune-ups. The shop also rents e-bikes and stocks cycling accessories and apparel. • 897 General George Patton Dr #100B, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 549-5563

Mac’s Harpeth Bikes

Mac’s Harpeth Bikes in Franklin is a local bike shop offering a range of bicycles, including road, mountain, and electric bikes. They provide services such as bike fitting, repairs, and maintenance. The shop also stocks cycling accessories and gear. • 1110 Hillsboro Rd B 230, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 472-1002

MOAB Bicycle Shop

MOAB Bike Shop, with locations in Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, offers a wide range of bicycles, including road, mountain, and electric bikes. They provide bike fitting, maintenance, and repair services performed by professionally trained technicians. The shop features a selection of cycling apparel, accessories, and components. • 113 Murfreesboro Rd #101, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 807-2035 •

Pedego Electric Bikes Franklin

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes in Franklin offers a range of electric bikes for sale and rent. The shop provides services including guided tours, maintenance, and bike accessories. Customers can test-ride various models to find the best fit for their needs. • 248 2nd Ave S, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 614-3814 •

R.B.’s Cyclery

R.B.’s Cyclery is a full-service bike shop offering a wide range of bicycles, including road, mountain, and electric bikes. They provide professional bike fitting, repair, and maintenance services. The shop also stocks a variety of cycling gear, apparel, and accessories. • 99 Seaboard Ln #1000, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 567-6633 •

REI Bike Shop

The REI Brentwood bike shop offers bike repairs, maintenance, and custom bike fittings. They also sell a wide range of bikes, parts, and cycling accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new bike, need a tune-up, or want advice on local cycling routes, REI Brentwood is a comprehensive resource for all your cycling needs. • 261 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 376-4248 •

Sun & Ski Sports

Sun & Ski Sports in Cool Springs offers a range of outdoor gear, including bicycles and cycling equipment. The store provides bike sales, repair services, and maintenance. They feature a variety of bikes, including road, mountain, and electric options, along with cycling accessories and apparel. • 545 Cool Springs Blvd #190, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 628-0289 •

Trek Bicycle Franklin

Trek Bicycle Franklin is a full-service bike shop offering a range of Trek bikes including road, mountain, and electric bikes. The store provides expert bike fitting, repair services, and maintenance. Customers can also find a selection of cycling gear, apparel, and accessories. • 1709 Galleria Blvd #1001, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 549-5966 •

Mountain Biking Franklin TN

Exploring the Best of Biking in Williamson County

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, the biking trails in Franklin, Brentwood, and Williamson County, Tennessee offer something for everyone. From scenic, leisurely rides to more challenging mountain bike trails, you’ll find the perfect path to celebrate World Bicycle Day. Don’t forget to check out the local bike shops for all your gear and maintenance needs. So, gear up and hit the trails to experience the beauty and excitement of biking in Williamson County, Tennessee!