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Wedding Season is Upon Us


Wedding Season is Upon Us

It has arrived for all of you who live in historic downtown Franklin, TN, the beautiful Brentwood, TN or the sophisticated Nashville, TN…the wonderful wedding season is upon us!  Roll out the red carpets, strike up the bands, toast with the best champagnes and dance bare foot till the sun comes up…it is time to celebrate love!

This past weekend, I was in awe of the wedding that I had the opportunity to work on for a client.  The bride chose gorgeous colors: an icy blue and charcoal silver with hints of grey.  Pulling those two color combinations together, she completed the look with forget-me-nots, hydrangeas and creamy white cabbage roses. 

The wedding ceremony took place in a candle lit, white church.  With the sounds of a bagpiper announcing that this was her day, the bride entered the sanctuary.  Having candles in the church and flowers outside the sanctuary doors, no more decorations were necessary. 

Brides to be, take note:  over decorating the church is out… simple is the new sophistication for the ceremony decorations…Save those massive floral arrangements for the reception.

Speaking of receptions, historic downtown Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville are endless in options for reception planning.  Lighting is key.  Be sure that you and your event planner go to the location at the time you are planning on having your reception, so that you can discuss if you want low lights, little lights twinkling, candles, etc; 

The past weekend’s wedding had lights cascading down from this gorgeous chandelier with flowers flowing from the chandelier lit by candles.  There were enough lights to brighten the room and set that romantic aura.   

Each bridesmaid’s bouquet was the center piece for the tall tables outlining the dance floor.  Rather than having entertainment stations set up, the bride and groom mounted over 100 black and white pictures on icy blue card stock and lined both sides of their reception venue with a chronological story line of their photos.  Guests were able to peruse the photo gallery throughout the night. 

Wedding season is upon us.  Enjoy it!  How sweet it is to celebrate love with family and friends!  Check back with us here at to learn more about the top wedding fashions, vendors in this area and for helpful tips and bridal advice. 

Photograph by David Wright Photography.