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By Christine Boulton, owner of

It seems that most everyone is a bit more socially conscious these days.

Concerns for the environment and human rights seem to top the news. One of the many ways you can do your part for the planet is to keep your eyes open as you plan your wedding. Green weddings are a growing trend not only here but world wide. The good news is that you don’t have to bend over backwards or abandon all the trappings of a traditional wedding. Here are just a few ways that your wedding can ‘go green’ with minimal effort.



When you consider all the paper involved in a wedding; invitations, programs escort cards and thank you cards you can see that this is one way to really make a difference. Look for recycled or tree free papers and soy ink, a lot of invitation lines now proudly stock them. If you want to make them yourself there is a wealth of beautiful papers available on the internet that are environmentally friendly. Taking it a step further, you may consider making your own papers and embedding plant seed or dried flower petals in them.. Or you can go completely paperless and send an e-vite.



If you crave the big beautiful floral displays of a traditional wedding you can look for locally grown in season flowers. There is also a source for organically grown flowers on the internet if you are concerned about the damage caused by pesticides


Another route is to create your centerpieces using potted plants. Try a mix of various herbs and fresh flowers in clusters of small pots. After the wedding you can either send them home with your guest or plant them yourself in your new home.



Print your programs on handmade seeded paper for your guests to take home and plant. Be sure to include instructions on the program.


Hand out tree seedlings. How much fun in the coming years to watch these babies grow along with your family. Just think about how much carbon a hundred new trees would offset.



If you have concerns about ‘Conflict Diamonds’ or ‘Dirty Gold’ you don’t have to forgo the bling. Most of the top jewelry lines now have pledged to follow the Golden Rules* buying only gold that is produced in accordance with a set of human rights and environmental criteria. Diamonds certified “Conflict free” are also widely available.

Another route is to recycle the family jewels. Collect pieces from both families and have them made into your wedding rings as both an earth friendly alternative and a lasting symbol of your now combined families.


Green wedding are becoming mainstream enough that is easy to find myriad ways to painlessly and seamlessly incorporate them into your event. Whether you want to a find a few ways to minimize the impact your wedding has on the environment or you want to go really deep green vendors have stepped up to the plate to give you the tools you need.


*The Golden Rules: The retailers pledge to buy gold produced in a way that meets a set of human rights and environmental criteria called the Golden Rules, although no formal certification process exists for gold or silver.



Christine Boulton has been a professional in the wedding industry for more than 20 years. She is the owner of and currently serves as a marketing consultant to some of the industry’s largest vendors. Christine, who is known for her never-ending stream of research and always knowing and understanding what brides want, is published regularly in this and various other magazines and blogs.