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Topo Athletic

Buyers are eyeing Topo’s modern, split-toe design and quality construction as a logical addition to their customers’ training-shoe portfolio. Retailers that have partnered with Topo for the launch include Gazelle Sports, City Sports, Playmakers and Luke’s Locker.

Here’s what some of them shared about featuring the new shoe line on their shelves this summer:

Trusted Product
“Topo is a strong new player in the marketplace, creating a product that is both compelling and functional for today’s athletes whether they are cross training or running,” said Bert Gulledge, store manager and footwear buyer, Luke’s Locker.

“The separated big toe provides a great fit and security within a natural last shape,” said Jake Crowe, footwear buyer for Playmakers. “We also love the Velcro instep straps on the RX and Boa® lacing system on the RR. Both features add support and lock the foot in place.

Trusted Team
“It’s important for us to offer a wide range of options when it comes to shoe design and desired support,” said Ken Sung, co-owner of Gazelle Sports. “Tony Post and team have created quality shoes that enhance various types of performance.”

“We’re excited to partner with Tony Post and his team on their new introduction into the lightweight and minimal space,” said City Sports’ category manager of footwear, Brian Trask. “Our customers will embrace Topo’s modern new product.”

“It’s been a great experience to hear the overwhelmingly positive response from retail buyers since Topo unveiled the shoes at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in January,” said Chris Cohen, vice president of sales for Topo Athletic. “The conversations we’ve had with buyers have validated the need that we identified in the market, and we look forward to selectively expanding our premium specialty distribution network for our summer launch and beyond.”

The number of retail partners continues to grow, starting this summer Topo Athletic shoes will also be available at REI and To access more information, please visit

About Topo Athletic

Topo Athletic is an athletic gear company created for and by athletes. Topo products are built with humble innovation, an acknowledgement that the most impressive thing that will ever go into our products is the athlete. We are committed to the ongoing study of physiology, environments and emerging technologies that enable athletes to constantly improve their performance. Topo Athletic was founded in 2012, and is based in Newton, Mass. For more information, please visit