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Picnic Places

Picnic Places

By Polly Bibb, Native Franklinite

Picnics are one of my favorite late summer activities.  We aren’t talking about the messy pb and j with fruit snacks, which are great for a lazy summer day… no this is the big one, the hot tamale with sophisticated pizzazz!

Plan an elaborate meal and then pack it up!  Use brie, seedless grapes, deviled eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, chicken breasts stuffed with artichoke, pesto and parmesan cheese…twice baked potatoes? Ice cream?  You name it… it can be securely packed, kept warm or on ice and taken on a picnic…

With your menu selection out of the way and your meal cooked and securely packed… picking the location is the most important decision.  Franklin is full of fun picnic destinations.  So, I’ll let you in on some of the local secrets…but shhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you.

For couples and families, there is a gorgeous sanctuary of four leaf clovers, shady trees and a feeling of serenity hidden back behind Pinkerton Park.  It is a little hike that requires going up quite a few steps… back in the day we just scaled this huge hill to get to the ultimate picnic location…but thankfully for you…there are stairs.  Park at Pinkerton…walk across the bridge towards Fort Granger…the steps are on the left, climb them and walk to the edge of the tree line… there you will find peace and comfort and plenty of room to throw the Frisbee and relax.

If you want a cool spot by the Harpeth River, there are endless possibilities…I suggest parking by the river across from Sonic on Hillsboro Road.  There is a trail that begins at the parking lot….follow that around down by the river and find your perfect spot.  This is ideal for two people.

Finally, sunsets at the Historic Carnton Plantation are my favorite…in fact you might just see me out there.  There is parking by the cemetery, and while this might sound strange the cemetery actually has some excellent places.  With shady trees and level ground, come out for a late dinner and sit and watch the sun fade away.  It is quiet, peaceful and the easiest to tote your elegant hors d’oeuvres, deserts, etc;

Go out, plan a special meal, pack it up and picnic!  Summer is quickly fading away and before you know it fall will be here.  Enjoy the late summer with a wonderful picnic!