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Nail Tips for The Big Day

Nail Tips for The Big Day

By Polly Bibb

Nails grow quickly, it’s a fact. So, it is best to have natural nails done the day of the wedding. If you prefer acrylic or nail wraps, it is possible to still have that fresh look if nails are done the day before the wedding; however, having spent years going to the nail salon, I would have my nails done the morning of my wedding. Water and the stresses of everyday life can wear and tear at the nails. Everyone is going to be looking at that left hand, so this area of your wedding day should not be treated lightly. 

Williamson County voters chose La Bella Salon & Day Spa, Magic Nail, and A Moment’s Peace as the three best nail salons in Williamson County on the online Sizzle Awards poll with and Southern Exposure Magazine. This is no surprise — these nail salons are excellent. Brides often take their bridal parties to the nail salon as a fun "ladies day out" to get ready for the big day. And many nail salons will do a spa manicure and pedicure together in a package for their brides and bridal parties. 

Where to Go
La Bella Salon & Spa offers natural nail treatments, spa manicures and pedicures, and glycolic pedicures. Magic Nail offers natural nail manicures, silk wraps and the stronger acrylic treatments. They also offer spa pedicures. A Moment’s Peace Salon & Spa offers a spa manicure with paraffin and a hand massage, acrylics, nail wraps (silk, fiberglass or linen), gel sets, and pedicures.

The Price to Look Pretty
Manicures can range from $20 to $60. Pedicures can range from $35 to $65. natural nail manicures tend to be less expensive than nail wraps and acrylics. Spa pedicures tend to be a little more expensive than regular pedicures. Paraffin treatments, one of my favorites, are a little extra but well worth your dime; they leave the skin soft, glowing, and gorgeous. Ultimately, manicures and pedicures are the ultimate way to relax and feel beautiful. 

How Do I Know What I Want
If you are not sure what you want for your wedding day. It is important to know that a natural nail manicure will not last as long as an acrylic or silk wrap treatment; however, with an acrylic treatment, the nail area will be slightly thicker than a natural nail and will need to be filled-in after two weeks. A silk wrap is slightly thinner than an acrylic treatment, but it is not as strong. After two weeks, depending on the speed of your nail growth, the nails will need to be filled-in and filed. French manicures look great with a white wedding gown. Even French pedicures are a fun compliment with the nails, especially if you are going to a beach for your honeymoon. No matter what you choose for your manicure or pedicure, you will leave the salon with fresh, healthy looking nails that will look great!

Planning Makes Perfect
Finally, plan ahead. Be sure to book the salon with the total number of your party in advance. Let them know exactly what you want before your appointment. If you really are not sure, go in a month before the wedding and try out a nail treatment. Then you will have a better idea of what you want for your special day.