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Local Gallery 2007

Local Gallery 2007

Take a look at the 2007 winners…

December 2007
Bobby Sagmiller, “Praying Mantis”

November 2007
Malissa Pinson, “Caribbean Sunset”

October 2007
Carol Roberts, “Sharing a Cool Bath”

September 2007
Deborah Brannan, “Window at The Factory”

August 2007
Jennifer Cook, “Stormy Skies”

July 2007
Carol Roberts, “Sun Struggle”

June 2007
Sue Routhier, “Princess in Flight”

February 2007
Bobby Sagmiller , “Sunrise over  Cool  Springs”

January 26, 2007
Wayne Evans, “The Bridge at Moon Rise”

January 19, 2007
Carol Roberts, “Ice Drapes”

January 12, 2007
Wayne Evans, “Carnton’s Front Porch”

January 5, 2007
Steve Bell, “Leaves changing on Clovercroft Road