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Franklin Farmers Market

Franklin Farmers Market

This weekend is a great opportunity to take your family to the Franklin Farmers market.  With a large selection of premium fruits and vegetables.  This is the place for healthy, affordable and locally grown produce.

According to the Franklin’s Farmers Market:
The Franklin Farmers Market provides a venue for the family farms in the area to sell what they produce.  Most of the produce sold at the Market has been picked within 24 hours of being marketed and has traveled no more than 150 miles.

Much of the produce available in a grocery store has been trucked an average of 1,500 miles before it arrives in your kitchen. More often than not, they sell varieties that have been bred to travel well rather than taste good. By necessity, the food is processed and packed before it can ripen on the vine. There is a reason why some tomatoes taste like a sac of water and seeds. They have been bred for a durable skin and perfect shape and little else.

Because the nutritional value of all food declines as time goes on, fresher food means more vitamins and minerals are available for you and your family. Food raised on the land in your region may also enhance your immune system against local allergens. Fresher food may also be safer in that many bacteria grow in food as a consequence of being past ripe.

Finally, our third objective is to educate and be educated about local food issues. Whether it is the conversations occurring at each of our booths, a play program in our Children’s Garden or a demonstration by a local chef teaching folks how to cook, we are a resource for our community on the art of feeding ourselves. This exchange of ideas and opinions makes the Franklin Farmers Market a fertile place from which we can all grow good healthy local food.

Go check out the Franklin Farmers Market this weekend at The Factory at Franklin.