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Five W’s of the Pre-Wedding Brunch

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Five W’s of the Pre-Wedding Brunch

By Sarah Carlos

There’s nothing like the anticipation of your wedding day…and any additional parties that go along with it. Regardless of how stressful they may seem in the midst of wedding chaos, brunches are wonderful times to ease the pre-wedding jitters and catch up with family and friends one last time before you venture down the aisle. For those of you on the fence, we have answered the who, what, when, where, why of the pre-wedding brunch.

Who should attend?

The wedding party, all family and out-of-town guests. To honor those who have trekked the distance and to keep costs down, it is better to limit the guest count to family and out-of-towners. Besides, the locals will know the area well and can fend for themselves if they need to grab a bite before the wedding.

What is it?

My philosophy is that if it is your wedding, the brunch can be as formal or as laid-back as you would like for it to be. It is a chance to catch up with family and out-of-town guests one last time before taking the plunge. Depending on who decides to throw the shower, family on either side can be responsible for the expenses surrounding a pre-wedding brunch.

When should it take place?

On the wedding day several hours before the wedding; however, some couples and families may choose to hold it earlier in the wedding weekend. The occurrence of a pre-wedding brunch on the wedding day ensures that all last-minute travelers will be able to participate. The bride and groom-to-be should have just enough time to meet and greet a large number of guests, chow down, and go their separate ways to get ready for the big event.

Where should the brunch be held?

The location of the pre-wedding brunch is all a matter of preference. Many couples and families wish to avoid the trouble and time that will go in to having a formal sit-down brunch the day of the wedding, and opt for a more personal setting at a friend or family member’s home in the area. If everyone is staying at the same hotel or the hotels are in close proximity to one another, a hotel dining room may also be a worthwhile option.

Why should I have one?

Having a pre-wedding brunch is a great way to feed and thank all of your out-of-town family and friends who traveled a long way to share your special day. Pre-wedding brunches are often preferred over post-wedding brunches because of the timing; the day after the wedding should be reserved for relaxation, tending to hangovers, and basking in the day-after celebratory glow.