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Casual Rehearsal Dinner

Casual Rehearsal Dinner

By Sarah Carlos

The rehearsal dinner is held directly after the rehearsal, the night before the wedding day and traditionally includes a small dinner for the wedding party and the bride and groom-to-be’s families. This evening, usually hosted by the groom-to-be’s parents, is now becoming a less formal affair, and while some couples may choose to invite out-of-town guests and family friends, many are opting for a more simple soriee, without all the fuss.

Why going casual is all the rage…

As out-of-the-ordinary as it may sound, it is possible to plan a casual rehearsal that is also a sit-down affair. The idea is to thank family and friends for being a part of your day and have them get to know one another better, not necessarily have a formal dinner that competes with the most important party of all: the wedding day.

Alice Hendry, owner of Alice Hendry Wedding and Event Planning, says, “I always tell the bride that the rehearsal dinner should be a step down from the wedding. It’s a time to relax and be with family and loved ones.”

Locations and invitations…

Locations for the rehearsal dinner can range from a restaurant to the home of the parents of either the bride or the groom-to-be, which means that invitations can be as casual as you would like, and can often set the tone for the evening. Choose colors based on the restaurant’s décor, or print your own for a casual evening at the home of the parents of either the bride or groom-to-be.

Food that puts all at ease…

When it comes to the food, there is no problem! Have the wait staff serve seated attendees barbeque sandwiches with cole slaw and potato salad; consider a hoe down or a beachside clam bake. Pick anything that is a reflection of both of your personalities and provides the kind of environment that will put everyone at ease – including you.

“This is an opportunity for the bride to wear something she already has, so she’s not running out to buy a new outfit,” says Hendry. “Comfort is key; the rehearsal dinner should compliment the wedding weekend.”

After dinner is over…

After the dinner, out-of-town family and friends may wish relocate to a local bar or someone’s house to catch up. Feel free to cut out early; after all, tomorrow is the big day!

Photograph by David Wright Photography