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‘Bring Sexy Back’ to Your Wardrobe

‘Bring Sexy Back’ to Your Wardrobe

By Sarah Carlos


I hate to admit it, but I am a fan of Justin Timberlake’s, “Sexy Back.” May sound juvenile – I know. But he did something right. Now, I don’t know about all women, but I like to be admired by the opposite sex. Who doesn’t want to be admired? Well this particular piece discusses how to spark that admiration by wearing clothes and shoes that make you feel fabulous. And it was inspired by one of our very own readers, Sara (great name by the way J), who was kind enough to share her story with me. Please keep in mind that these are mere suggestions — only you know what kinds of clothes work with your body. Remember: A good fit = 100% confidence.


1. A crisp white button-down – It may sound a little too boring, but in my experience, this one item always looks fabulous on everyone and has the boys drooling. Take my word for it – a fitted button-down tucked in with a fitted pair of pants looks classy, pulled together and will make you feel confident. My advice: Buy at least 4 in white, black, light blue and light pink.


2. Fitted pair of pants – I am not talking about hoochy-mama pants, but pants that are snug in all the right places without feeling too tight. If they look good, you will feel good, and that is the first step to building your confidence and gaining positive attention. My advice:  If you are curvy, don’t purchase a fit for boyish body types. Banana Republic has an awesome selection for just about every body type out there. Buy pants in black, brown, gray, white, khaki, red – you can feel free to go nuts.


3. Knee-high boots – Knee-high boots are just hot. They elongate legs (when they hit 3 inches below the knee) look fabulous on everyone, and will become your skirts’ best friends. My advice: As I have said before, it is worth it to invest in both black and brown. Trust me, you will find excuses to wear both colors with everything!


4. Strapless A-line dresses – Look absolutely amazing on everyone. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are. You can have a larger lower body, smaller upper body – it doesn’t matter. Buy several of these for dates, nights out with friends, or other weekend commitments. You will feel great, and your confidence will attract others. My advice: Solids are best – avoid polka dots, that sort of thing, but you may find some flattering prints.


5. Heels – Heels make the woman. You have to have them. My advice: If they hurt your feet, get shoe pads so they don’t. If you hate to walk in them, learn to love it. I promise. When you have heels, you have confidence, you have attitude. Period. The higher, the better. They will make your legs look great and you will have every excuse to strut. You should! You are wearing heels.


6. Classy silk halter top – One word: fabulous. It sounds like such a simple choice, but that’s the thing, we are going for classy, not trashy, and what material will make you feel more classy, confident and sexy? Leather? Heck no! It’s silk. It will feel great against your skin, because the top is silk, the colors are more electrifying and vibrant. And like the A-line, halter tops look fabulous on every body type. My advice: This can be a tricky one size-wise, so just don’t buy off the wrack – make sure to try it on.


7. Fitted turtleneck – I think fitted turtlenecks are great because they will go with everything in your closet and are slightly sexy without being too over the top. You don’t ever want to look as though you are trying to hard, and turtlenecks aren’t too outspoken, but provide just the right amount of classiness and appeal to get you working the room. My advice: Buy at least 5 in an assortment of colors.


8. Animal prints – Animal prints are great because they provide the right amount of variation. All black + a pair of leopard-print heels = totally hot. Never wear different prints in the same outfit (ex. Leopard with zebra), it will look awful. My advice: Invest in a pair of print shoes and a cardigan to add just the right amount of spice to an already terrific wardrobe!

9. Black –
Needless to say, I am a huge supporter of wearing black. It is slimming, it goes with everything and sends the message that you are confident and classy. I wear head to toe black all the time. Don’t be afraid, but don’t look gothic. That never looks good regardless of what people say. My advice: The works – several pairs of black pants, black heels, black boots, black tops, black dresses, black skirts, black leather pants (if you feel comfortable), black bras, black panties, black stockings, tights, etc.


10. The right shrug – Shrugs’ appeal actually lies in their imperfections. Shrugs are small-looking usually short-sleeved jackets to layer over longer tops. The contrast between the top and the shrug is what makes them so appealing. Overly sexy? No. Trashy? Definitely not. Appealing? Heck yes! And adorable! My advice: Buy a couple in black and brown. Shrugs are perfect for dates and will make you feel hip, of the moment and just as adorable as they are!


I hope my suggestions were helpful. Please remember above everything else that how you feel in what you are wearing is projected in your body language, so make sure you like what you are wearing regardless of whether it is a strapless dress or a T-shirt. Make sure it is you and makes you feel like the BEST you. Heck, dance around to “Sexy Back” before you go out, and just know in yourself that you are definitely bringing it back!


Thanks again, Sara!


If the rest of you ever have a topic you would like for me to cover in one of my pieces, please e-mail