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Williamson County Teen Organizes Stuffed Animal Drive for Abused Children


Williamson County Teen Organizes Stuffed Animal Drive for Abused Children

Kenny Royer, a Williamson County high school junior, is on a mission to help abused children. In collaboration with Davis House Child Advocacy Center, he’s launched a Stuffed Animal Drive, aimed at helping provide a sense of security and comfort to vulnerable children.

For over two decades, Davis House Child Advocacy Center has provided essential support and resources to children and families dealing with abuse. Their approach, rooted in trauma-informed care and education, has facilitated the healing journey for countless young victims. 

“Davis House is a beacon of hope for hundreds of children in our area whose everyday life is an inconceivable struggle with abuse. Every child is innocent and needs our help,” says Kenny.

The inspiration for Kenny’s project came upon learning about a particularly touching practice at Davis House: the gift of a stuffed animal to each child they assist. “A stuffed animal reminds a child that they are not alone and that they are deserving of love and care. This stuffed animal process, to me, is one of the most special aspects of Davis House,“ he says.

Recognizing the challenges Davis House faces in sourcing these stuffed animals—reliant on sporadic donations or the necessity to purchase them—led Kenny to organize a Stuffed Animal Drive, aiming for widespread community participation and support.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Vulnerable Child

Davis House’s mission to reach out to children suffering in silence is heavily dependent on the generosity of donors, and every donation significantly impacts their capacity to serve. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and by participating in the Stuffed Animal Drive or making a financial donation, you’re contributing to a larger national effort to highlight the critical issue of child abuse.

“We need your care and support to help make this drive overflow with stuffed animals and love for these kids,” says Kenny.

How to Donate a Stuffed Animal

Any size or animal type is welcome, but stuffed animals must be new without suggestive messaging. The stuffed animal drive runs through April and donations may be mailed, drop-shipped via Amazon, or delivered in person to:

WST Corporation
200 Seaboard Ln., Franklin, TN 37067

Accepting donations in the drop box seven days a week!
The drop box is located at the corner of the WST building.

Learn About More Ways to Help

Your contribution, whether large or small, can create a meaningful impact. By participating in the Stuffed Animal Drive or supporting Davis House through donations, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of abused children in our community. 

Discover more about how you can contribute to this cause by visiting Stuffed Animals For Kids. Together, we can weave a safety net of love and care around our community’s most vulnerable members.