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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Forget the fast food fries getting stuck between your seats, fighting over the radio station, rolling the windows up and then down, sudden bathroom breaks on the interstate, you get the picture… Put all of that behind you, right…You are headed for the luxury travel style… airplane paradise.  That’s right… individual meals for everyone with the same amount of food, no more fighting over who gets the last cookie.  Have to go to the bathroom, no problem…it is just a few feet away.  Want to roll the window down?  Sorry, that is out of the question for everyone.  But, before you get excited about a calm and relaxing flight at 30,000 feet…be sure to have a plan and strategy for dealing with those potential turbulent situations.  Below are some tips for traveling with infants, toddlers and young children.

Organize the Diaper/Baby Bag
Be aware that medications, baby formula, baby food, juice and breast milk under three ounces need to be labeled and do not require to be in the zip-top bag.  If however, these items exceed three ounces, place these labeled items in the zip-top bag and declare them at the checkpoint for inspection.  In some situations, Security Officers may test liquid items from the zip-top bag for explosives.  However, you and your child will not be required to taste these items.

Metal Detector Decisions
It is easy to become distracted and flustered trying to get all of your personal items, your children, their items, the stroller and your baby through the metal detector.  Remind your children that they will receive their bags, special toys and even shoes once they go through the detector.  With your baby, be careful not to place them down on the counter and send them for an accidental ride through the x-ray machine.  In addition, do not hand your baby over to airport security officers, either.  Keep that baby in your arms.  If you have a large family, you can ask your airport to schedule a private screening with your family to cut down on the chaos.  

Miss Manners
Do you remember those Saturday night skits with Miss Manners?  Well, picture her saying this to you… TEACH YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN PROPPER PLANE MANNERS.  I am serious nothing is worse for young honey-mooners, businessmen and women on their way to an important meeting, or your average Joe sitting in front of your children to have their lower back treated as a punching bag by the playful kicks coming from your little ones.  Talk to your young children about plane manners long before you get on that flight.  Discuss the importance of respecting the personal space of other passengers.  Remind them not to kick, pull on the tray, slam the tray back into place, pull the hair of the passenger in front of them and not to have their ac blow on the head of the person in front of them.  When they do disobey you, which they will, kindly remind your children how to behave appropriately.  There is nothing more annoying than a parent who simply shrugs at their misbehaving child without correcting him or her.

Are we there yet?
The plane landed, you are on your way to baggage claim.  This is a key time in your travel.  Don’t let your hair down, yet.  Be alert and aware that baggage claim places are targets for kidnapped children, pick pocketed wallets and yes, stolen luggage.  Have a plan before you get to the baggage claim.  Have one adult stay with the children and another pull the bags off the carrier belt.  Remind your children on the plane that when the plane lands and you walk through the airport to all stick together.  If you are traveling alone with an infant, ask an airport personal to assist you in the baggage claim and don’t forget to give them a tip for helping you. 

Good luck and happy flying!  Traveling can be stress free and relaxing, but it takes preparation and strategic planning.  Be sure to communicate with your young children in the weeks and days leading up to the big flight.  If you are only traveling with an infant, it is a great time to travel.  Plan that trip, prepare the kids and have a great time! 

This tips largely came from the Transportation Security Administration, for more tips visit