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The Factory at Franklin Demonstrates Commitment to Property’s History

The Factory at Franklin Demonstrates Commitment to Property’s History

On-staff Historian Carris Campbell Uncovers Artifacts from Different Factory Eras

FRANKLIN, Tenn., (August 29, 2022) – Recognizing the vital role that the Factory at Franklin has played in the Franklin community, Holladay Properties has been working to uncover and celebrate the property’s rich history while also renovating and bringing new life to the nearly century-old complex.

Carris Campbell, an historian on the Factory at Franklin staff, has spent many hours exploring the property, talking with townspeopleand digging through community archives. This extensive exploration has uncovered numerous artifacts, including:

  • Numerous Old Stoves and Brochures: In its manufacturing era, the Factory was operated by Allen Manufacturing Company, Dortch Stove Works, Magic Chef Inc. and then Jamison Bedding Company. For the first 32 years of operation, it was used to produce various models of stoves, several of which have found their way back to The Factory at Franklin.

Factory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin History_Antique Stove Manual 2.Factory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin, TN History_Antique Stove Manual 3.Factory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin, TN History_Antique Stove Manual.

Factory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin History_Antique Stove.Factory at Franklin_Franklin, TN History_Antique Stove 3.

  • Allen Manufacturing Company Oven and Range Catalog: This catalog shows each of the models produced by Allen Manufacturing Company—helping to identify the various stoves and brochures that were on the property and have been recently procured. This originally would have been sent to distributors to allow them to promote the products to their customers.

Factory at Franklin_Franklin, TN History_Manual Front CoverFactory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin, TN History_History_Manual 4.Factory at Franklin_Franklin, TN History_Antique Furnace Manual.

  • Jamison Bedding Company Fire Insurance Map: This full floorplan shows the Factory at Franklin property alongside what each space was used for while Jamison Bedding Company owned and operated the space from 1961-1991.

Factory at Franklin_Downtown Franklin History_Fire Insurance Floor Plan.

  • The New Family Fare Cookbook: Cooking Magic by Magic Chef: This cookbook was published by Magic Chef in 1956 to promote the new set-temperature capability in their stoves.

Factory at Franklin_Franklin, TN History_Antique Magic Chef Cookbook.

  • Dortch Stove Works Ashtrays: The Dortch Stove Works ashtrays were used as promotional materials for their products made at the Factory. While unconfirmed, it is likely that the ashtrays were produced in house while Dortch occupied the property from 1933-1955.

Factory at Franklin-Franklin, TN History_Dortch Stove Works Ash Trays.

Renovations to the Factory property are underway and will continue into 2023. The entire complex of 10 buildings will be undergoing renovations as part of the project. Allen Arender of Holladay Properties is joined on the project by long-time development partner Ronnie Wenzler, an executive director of Cushman & Wakefield and Nashville architecture firm Centric.

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