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The O’More College Fashion Show Retrospective Series

The O’More College Fashion Show Retrospective Series

For nearly two decades, the O’More College Fashion Show has been one of the premier events on Middle Tennessee’s fashion calendar. 

Throughout the years the show has been staged at various venues around town and on May 10 it will make its first appearance at the Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin.

In the weeks leading up to that performance, O’More is looking back at the events surrounding some of the more memorable shows and the student designers that made them so notable.

This Week: Nashville Makers + Co

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (May 2, 2018) It’s no secret that fashion designers can be fiercely independent. But fashion is also a competitive industry that frequently requires creative spirits to collaborate so that their individual talents can shine.

It’s against that backdrop that Nashville Makers + Co is making its mark on Nashville’s burgeoning fashion scene.

Founded in 2017, Nashville Makers + Co is a partnership between three O’More College of Design graduates: Adrianna Ward (Fashion Design, 2015), Anastasia Morozova (Fashion Design, 2012) and Katie Clement (Fashion Design and Merchandising, 2012).

They had collaborated on projects as students but didn’t discover that they made a great team until working together at a local tailoring shop. It was there that they realized their best path forward as individuals was to leverage their collective talents in a commercial enterprise.

“What makes this partnership so special is that we all share a passion for quality and that we each bring different, yet equally important, strengths to the business,” says Clement.

While they have their individual areas of expertise, they all contribute in every aspect of the operation.

“Today we might be working on new samples,” says Morozova. “Tomorrow we might be working on a production run, and later we’ll have to make sure that we respond to emails from current and prospective clients.”

All three Nashville Makers gained valuable experience by producing collections that appeared in the O’More Fashion Show.

“Going through the process of developing a collection that not only looked good but also met strict quality standards and deadlines was a great experience,” says Morozova.

“The preparation of my senior collection felt very similar to what we’re doing every day at Nashville Makers,” says Clement. “Even when we’re working very long hours and within stressful timelines, our top priority has always been to deliver top quality products to our clients.”

The event also taught Ward a few things about herself.

“The O’More Fashion Show helped me realize the potential in my work,” she says.I love the amount of structure and work that goes inside the garment. I truly enjoy taking the time to learn how to best handle delicate fabrics.

“But I tend to be my harshest critic, too. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if left unchecked it can prevent me from seeing a project through to its conclusion. The show taught me how to effectively manage that part of the process.”

It’s a process that’s positioned Nashville Makers + Co at the forefront of Nashville’s fashion scene. 



The O’More College Fashion Show will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at The Franklin Theatre, 419 Main Street in downtown Franklin. Reserved seats are available in three fashion-forward categories: Haute Couture ($200.00), Avant-Garde ($150.00) and Pret-a-Porter ($100.00). Proceeds will benefit new technology for the O’More Fashion Program. Patrons and sponsors will be treated to lite bites and sips, and will take home a special gift to commemorate the historic evening.

Additional information is available online at, or by calling (615) 794-4254, ext. 220.


O’More College of Design, a four-year institution located in Franklin, Tenn., offers degrees in fashion design, fashion merchandising, graphic design and interior design. Founded by Eloise Pitts O’More in 1970, when modern American design was just emerging, O’More is rooted in the fundamentals of the field, yet ever-evolving. Members of the O’More faculty, board and alumni are embedded in the greater design industry, both locally and nationally, giving students a real-world education and extensive resources when seeking future employment. To learn more, visit



“Annateese” Fashion Designer: Adrianna Ward Photography: Steve Harman Model: Reflection Agency

“Moments” Fashion Designer: Anastasia Morozova Photography: Steve Harman Model: Reflection Agency

“Miles” Fashion Designer: Katy Clement Photography: Steve Harman Model: Reflection Agency
















“Nashville Makers + Co”

From Left: Adrianna Ward, Katie Clement, Anastasia Morozova

Photography: Jared Clement


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