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Nominate your Favorite

Nominate your Favorite

The Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County seeks nominations of outstanding historic preservation projects, including rehabilitation of historic residential and commercial structures and new construction that complements the historic character of the community.

Award-winners will be recognized at the Foundation’s 44th Annual Meeting Monday, June 13 to be held at the Franklin Theatre at 5:30 p.m.

“Franklin is considered a leader in historic preservation across the country due to the time, energy and talent that individuals and businesses put into restoring our existing buildings and creating new buildings that fit seamlessly into our historic community,” said Heritage Foundation president David Garrett.

“The preservation awards are a way to both promote historic preservation and to recognize those who continue to make Franklin and Williamson County a place that values its historic architecture. Please encourage your neighbors and friends to nominate worthy projects for this year’s recognition. ”

“This year’s Annual Meeting will also be special since it is the first time the Heritage Foundation Membership will be able to meet in the newly completed Franklin Theatre. What better way to recognize historic preservation and adaptive reuse than to meet in this grand space.” Preservation Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Residential rehabilitation of a pre-1900 historic property
  • Residential rehabilitation of a post-1900 historic property
  • Commercial rehabilitation of a pre-1900 historic property
  • Commercial rehabilitation of a post-1900 historic property
  • New commercial construction
  • New residential construction
  • New institutional construction

Nominated properties will be photographed by the Heritage Foundation, shown in a presentation at the annual meeting and published on the Foundation’s website at You can nominate your own property or nominate someone else’s property with the owner’s permission.

To receive a nomination form, call the Heritage Foundation at 615-591-8500 ext. 20 or email It is also available on the foundation’s website,  Applications must be returned to The Heritage Foundation no later than May 20.