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New Trash Day for 6,200 Franklin Residents Beginning July 7

New Trash Day for 6,200 Franklin Residents Beginning July 7

Beginning Monday, July 7 about 6,200 Franklin residents in 41 subdivisions across the city will have a new trash day due to a new cost saving routing system being utilized by the City’s Sanitation and Environmental Services Department.  The City will now only be collecting four days a week, for 10 hours each day.  This new routing system, using RouteSmart software, will save the City about $380,000 per year by reducing the number of vehicles used each day.  The new routing system will allow for the Sanitation and Environmental Services Department to accommodate future growth of our Community.

Signs have been posted in all affected areas and workers will soon be out putting hang tags on roll out containers informing residents of their new trash day.  “We urge residents to be aware of signs in the neighborhoods and to look for the materials on their roll out containers,” said Sanitation and Environmental Services Director Becky Caldwell.  “If their neighborhood does not have any “new trash day” notifications, their day will not change.”

There is a map of the new trash days on the City’s Website.  The residences in the orange area will be collected on Monday, pink on Tuesday, green on Wednesday and blue on Thursday.  The map is on the city website at

The following are some helpful recommendations from the Sanitation and Environmental Services Department for residents.

Roll-out containers must be out to curb by 7:00 a.m. on collection day

  • Place container to edge of street
  • Point arrow/opening side of can toward street
  • Please allow 3-5 feet between roll-out containers
  • Blue Bags will be collected on the same day as your trash service
  • Do Not place near a mail box or other obstruction
  • Do Not pile yard waste or other items around can
  • Do Not place yard waste in can
  • Hazardous materials are not collectable
  • Liquids are not collectable
  • Infectious/medical waste is not collectable
  • Rock, dirt, brick or concrete is not collectable
  • Loose yard waste must be bagged
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