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Local Gallery 2008

Local Gallery 2008

Take a look at the 2008 winners…
The Local Lens is one of FranklinIS’s most popular pages.  To submit a photo, email it to along with your name and basic info about the pic…So next time your dog gets into the trash, your child makes a funny face or you just see a really beautiful sunset — whip out that camera and send it to Franklin Is!

December 2008
Carol Roberts, “A chilly home for the birds in our backyard”

November 2008
Joel Ellis, “Carnton Graveyard”

October 2008
Jennifer Vanover, “Wyoming”

September 2008
Carol Roberts,”A Taos Sunset”

August 2008
Bobby Sagmiller, “Lake”

July 2008
Steven, Cornelison, “Blue Angels”

June 2008
Carol Roberts, “We’ve Had a Bit of Foliage This Spring”

May 2008
John Crain, Untitled

April 2008
Malissa Pinson, “Angry Osprey”

February 2008
Bobby Sagmiller, “Tracks”

January 2008
Barbara Pupak, “Barn in Pleasant View, TN”