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Local Franklin Personal Trainer Publishes Book

Local Franklin Personal Trainer Publishes Book

“The Athletic Advantage” Now Available on Amazon
10 Lessons to Becoming a Premier Athlete

Franklin, TN : Aaron Hines, ACSM-CPT has announced the launch of his first book titled ‘The Athletic Advantage’ which focuses on what it actually takes to become an elite athlete and gain a college scholarship.

This book is a guide to help show athletes that anything is possible if you have the right mindset and determination not to be average. I share insight on how athletes have had to overcome obstacles to achieve success that was unheard of to them. Each chapter’s success story lays ground for 3 takeaways to implement on your athletes journey.

“My goal in writing this book is to provide real stories of athletes who have had to overcome injuries, setbacks, and even failures to show that not all athletes are created equal. If you have the right people in your corner encouraging and supporting your journey, anything is possible.

Unfortunately, even with all the information out there, athletes still lack the intrinsic motivation to push themselves to greatness. Desire and Motivation come from within and without this can make it very difficult to succeed long term as an athlete.

“One of the biggest obstacles that I have to overcome as a private sector coach is finding a kid’s Why. Why does he or she want to workout and get better outside of their normal sport workout? Why do they even want to spend the time working on their craft?” Biggest response is, “ I want to go to College and play at the next level, ” said Coach Hines. “My goal is to get them into the best physical and mental state they can be, so once they step foot on campus their coaches are impressed.”

“Over my last decade as a professional coach, I’ve seen way too many coaches give up on players which in turn leads to athletes quitting the sport they love the most. It gives the athletes a sense of lost hope, lack of self worth, and even a loss of motivation to keep going, said Hines.”

Inside this book, readers will discover tools for:

• What a College Workout Regimen Might Look Like
• How to Be Successful in Life
• How to Be a Better Person
• Finding Support
• Proper Training
• Supportive Nutrition
• How to Overcome The Odds

Hines’s approach to fitness and lifestyle was developed at his training studio, Premier Performance Training, where the focus has been to inspire athlete’s to transform their lives through positive mindset practices, movement of stretching, mobility, balance; proven strength and conditioning programs, and simple, but effective nutrition practices.

The book launch party was on January 15th, 2022 and Coach Aaron was able to raise over $600 during the event.

If you are interested, you can head on over to Amazon and grab a copy of his latest book: The Athletic Advantage-10 Lessons To Becoming A Premier Athlete.

All proceeds from the book sales will benefit the Eli Grow Legacy Foundation: Eli Grow Legacy Foundation | Facebook