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Igniting Voices

Igniting Voices

For nearly 20 years, New Hope Academy (NHA) has been helping young students overcome adversity through the power of opportunity, the promise of a Christ-centered education, and the value of personal relationships. Now the non-profit school is presenting “Igniting Voices,” a national speaker series focused on offering diverse perspectives on life, learning and changing the culture of poverty.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon and author, will deliver the inaugural address of the series on March 10, 2015 at the Music City Center in Nashville.

“Our community is built on diversity, and the conviction that exposure to different cultures, thoughts and struggles creates a love of learning,” said NHA Headmaster Stuart Tutler. “There’s a lot of value in personal experience, and understanding different perspectives. Dr. Carson’s life path was drastically altered by education, and we’re very pleased to provide Nashville with an opportunity to hear more about what he’s learned through the ‘Igniting Voices’ series.”

Carson’s story of breaking through the circumstance of growing up in a poor, single-parent home to become an Ivy League educated physician who has impacted the future of medicine is an inspirational parallel: he was the first surgeon in the world to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head.

“We serve families who come from similar situations as Dr. Carson – single parents who are facing struggles but recognize the opportunity to change the generational circumstances,” Tutler said. “With the support of the community, we’ve been able to demonstrate how effective our approach can be, and this is a chance to gain insight from a leader while helping provide opportunities to the kind of young people who will lead the next generation.”

Carson said he was impressed with the vision, mission and results that New Hope Academy represents, and was eager to help.

With an enrollment of 220 students, the Christ-centered, classical education focused school has thrived on the belief that lives and futures can be enhanced by breaking down social barriers based on race, nationality and economic conditions. The pre-K to 6th grade school is intentionally diverse, with minority students representing 49 percent of the community, more than 30 percent living in single-parent households, and more than 50 percent of families receiving financial support from the school’s fundraising efforts.

Tickets to “Igniting Voices” start at $250 at, with tables available for corporate and individual sponsors. Please inquire about sponsorship opportunities that include a VIP reception with Dr. Carson.

For more information, call NHA Director of Community Relations Cathy Irwin at 615-210-6698, or email her at

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