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GraceWorks Ministries Public Statement About Current Financial Status

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GraceWorks Ministries Public Statement About Current Financial Status

Committed in Critical Times

GraceWorks has had an unusually difficult start to the fiscal year. Donations are down and demand is up.

This is the story for many nonprofits across the country. National giving rates are decreasing for the first time in about 8 years. Demand for critical assistance is increasing as families continue to navigate inflation. Critical assistance like food, shelter, and support are the very services GraceWorks offers.

In the first quarter of our fiscal year, July through September, GraceWorks was down over $162,000 to budgeted revenue. This is not normal for GraceWorks. The legacy of our generous community has insulated GraceWorks from lighter economic downturns. Not this year.

While it could have been worse, GraceWorks is grateful that some temporary graces in expenses have allowed for net income to stay in the green.

However, GraceWorks cannot deny that they are concerned.

The Neighbors GraceWorks serve are in difficult seasons as well. Demand for food, shelter and support services are increasing. GraceWorks’ Shelter requests are up 27% over last year and our Food Pantry is continuing to serve 17% more Neighbors than previous years. Because of their commitment to continue to offer these critical services, the last thing GraceWorks wants to do is decrease programs during this season!

If revenue continues to go in the red, GraceWorks may be forced to limit expenses and must shrink program offerings in some way or dip into emergency savings.  Special generosity at this crucial time will prevent GraceWorks from having to make any of these less-than-ideal decisions, and ultimately prevent a Neighbor in need from experiencing hunger or a housing crisis.

Today, GraceWorks is asking the community to help them continue providing critical services during this hard season. “We are so grateful for a community that has generously supported the food, shelter and support programs of GraceWorks for over 28 years,” says Valencia A. Breckenridge, CEO. She continues, “It is with this confidence that we are asking for your help!  So, as we pray for God’s provision we know that He will touch the hearts of our community to answer that prayer!”

GraceWorks’ Request of the Community

  • Pray for wisdom and provision.
  • Praise God that He is with us. No matter the outcome, we are committed to serving during this critical time.
  • If you know someone who needs help, please direct them to GraceWorks.Help online.
  • Please consider making an above-average gift to carry us through this season at or mail to GraceWorks Ministries at 104 SE Parkway Franklin, TN 37064
  • If you know someone who would like to learn more about GraceWorks, please reach out to Alicia Bell at or 615-503-0044