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Glen Casada

Glen Casada


I hope you are enjoying your summer and the break from the heat. The General Assembly is recessed to the second Tuesday in January, but I wanted to write to you and share the results of the survey that I conducted earlier in the year.

Immigration was listed as the most important issue facing our state. It was also interesting to read that the overwhelming majority-76%, opposed an increase in the gasoline tax, even if it went to road projects in Williamson County. I also agree with both of these results as I think we Tennesseans pay enough taxes and the General Assembly must be more prudent in spending what we collect, and illegal immigration must be addressed on a state level.

I hope you find this survey of interest. You may view details by clicking on the links below.

Summary of Survey

Details of Survey

I am available to meet with you to discuss any concern you may have related to Tennessee State government. If you prefer I can also be contacted via e-mail or by phone. I will send out my next newsletter in November. Enjoy your summer!


Glen Casada