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Geometric Prints

Geometric Prints

By Sarah Carlos

From Gucci to Missoni, fashion’s top designers are rolling up their sleeves and turning out powerful, bold geometric dresses and gowns that you’ll swear you’ve seen before.

Versace’s Spring 2007 collection abandoned the metallics and sequins of last year’s collection, opting for more muted pop art-inspired flowing geometric prints, while Gucci’s mini-dresses exploded on the runway with more intense patterns and even brighter colors, leaving us pondering the timeless question: Is less truly more?

If you find yourself stifling a yawn, consider this: Isn’t it a sign of a classic trend when a style becomes more and more frequent? Does this mean that the designers who keep including the geometric print in their collections lack originality?

Not really, they are simply looking to the past.

The inspiration behind it all, the “prince of prints,” Emilio Pucci, was accredited with bringing bright, geometric prints on the scene in the ‘40s, before they were hip. Often abstract, always original, Pucci set the standard for retro prints, and this season in particular, designers are yearning to get in on the action.

geometric prints‘60s-inspired geometric prints have consistently appeal to shoppers on many different levels because of their spontaneity and timelessness. And you will most certainly get your money’s worth. Just take a glimpse at the Pucci knockoff I’ve had for 5 years – alive and still kicking!

Trust me, out of all of the hottest trends for spring, this is the one worth falling for. It’s effortless to make the transition from day to night (a very important quality when so many of us leave from work and go straight out for drinks), and take it from me: Like Pucci himself, these prints will be in and respected for a very, very long time.

The good news is that not only will you be the focal point of every room you walk into, but purchasing your very own colorful retro concoction shouldn’t be difficult to find. Invest in as many styles as you feel comfortable in and throw your inhibitions to the wind. After all, what’s the fun in dressing for the role, if you can’t at least play the part?

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