FranklinIs Connected



What is FranklinIs?

  • FranklinIs is the go to resource for visitors and locals for all businesses and events in Franklin, TN and Williamson County, TN. Franklin, Downtown Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, Thompson Station, and Fairview businesses and events are all promoted within the FranklinIs website.

How long has FranklinIs been around?

  • The website has been in existence for over 13 years featuring businesses and events in Franklin and Williamson County, TN. In November of 2019, FranklinIs launched a refreshed website in order to deliver the best content for visitors.

Who is the FranklinIs audience?

  • Of the 133,000+ annual sessions on FranklinIs, visitors spend an average of 3 minutes per session. 69% of the visitors are local or regional & 65% are women.

Is FranklinIs locally owned?

  • Yes, FranklinIs is locally owned, managed, and promoted by residents of Williamson County.

Can I submit articles to be posted on FranklinIs?

  • Yes, submit articles to FranklinIs will feature your business and events. There is no charge for posting articles.  The FranklinIs editorial team works to promote the most relevant and timely articles.

Is the FranklinIs business directory new?

  • The business directory is not new but has been updated so business’ can feature their brand, logo, services, website, and locations.

Can I advertise on FranklinIs?

  • Yes!  FranklinIs is considered to be the most effective form of advertising in Williamson County. With timely reporting and visually pleasing ads, FranklinIs promotes your business to people who are looking for services or products. It provides back links and SEO lift to your company.  For more information go to

Is there a limit to advertisers on FranklinIs?

  • Yes, FranklinIs limits its advertisers to 350 companies.

Does FranklinIs have social media?

  • Yes, FranklinIs is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and we have a LinkedIn profile. FranklinIs posts relevant events and information daily. (Icon links here)

How do I know my ad is effective?

  • Advertisers can follow a link to their interactive ad performance.

How do I get more information about FranklinIs?