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Find Your Dream Venue: Franklin & Williamson County Wedding Guide

Find Your Dream Venue: Franklin & Williamson County Wedding Guide

Named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, June is a popular wedding month. Its historical significance, warm weather, vibrant blooms, and extended daylight, provide a perfect, romantic setting for couples to embark on their lifelong journey together.

Franklin and Williamson County, Tennessee, offer diverse wedding venues to suit any taste—from rustic countryside settings and grand historic estates to sleek modern spaces. Whether you envision a romantic garden ceremony under the wisteria, a charming rustic barn celebration, or a sophisticated soiree in a majestic mansion, you’ll find the perfect venue to match your dream wedding.

Gratidude Ranch Wedding Venue

Gratidude Ranch

Rustic Wedding Venues in Franklin and Williamson County, TN: Country Charm Meets Elegance

Discover the allure of nature blended with rustic elegance in this collection of countryside wedding venues. These settings are perfect for couples who dream of a romantic atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty and architectural rusticity. From restored barns to serene farms, each venue offers a unique backdrop that embraces the simplicity and grandeur of the great outdoors.

Allenbrooke Farms

Allenbrooke Farms, located in Spring Hill, offers a picturesque wedding venue with a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. The venue features expansive fields, scenic views, and a beautifully restored barn, perfect for ceremonies and receptions. • 2023 Dr Robertson Rd, Spring Hill, TN 37174, (615) 504-8832 •

Cedarmont Farm

Cedarmont Farm offers both indoor and outdoor wedding settings. The venue includes a newly renovated event barn, a historic 1815 home, a picturesque pond, an expansive pool with a flagstone deck, and a bridal house. Set on 40 acres of rolling hills, woods, and fields, Cedarmont Farm provides a scenic backdrop for weddings. • 2030 Cedarmont Dr, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 682-1815 •

Gratidude Ranch

GratiDude Ranch, located in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, offers a unique and rustic venue for weddings. Set on a serene farm, the ranch features beautiful outdoor spaces and charming facilities perfect for ceremonies and receptions. • 7515 Pewitt Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 863-3664 •

McKinney Farm

McKinney Farm features a rustic barn, lush gardens, and beautiful outdoor spaces perfect for ceremonies and receptions. Known for its charming ambiance and serene setting, McKinney Farm provides a memorable backdrop for your big day. • 5400 Big East Fork Road, Franklin, TN 37064 •

Mint Springs Farm

Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville is an all-inclusive, full-service wedding and event venue set on 40 acres of picturesque countryside. The venue features a luxurious open-air chapel, a farmhouse bridal suite, and a scenic pond, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and elegance. • 7730 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135, (615) 395-9975 •

The Barn at Sycamore Farms

The Barn at Sycamore Farms, located in Arrington, Tennessee, is an exceptional event venue offering a blend of luxury and Southern charm. Set on 28 acres of beautiful countryside, the venue features a barn, outdoor ceremony spaces, and a serene lake with an island. • 4866 Murfreesboro Rd, Arrington, TN 37014, (615) 395-8266 •

Ravenswood Mansion Outdoor Wedding Reception

Ravenswood Mansion

Historic Estate and Manor Wedding Venues in Franklin and Williamson County, TN: Timeless Elegance for Your Big Day

Step into the past with these elegant and historic wedding venues. With locations that combine the grandeur of stately architecture with the sophistication of modern amenities, you are sure to find the perfect setting for your special day. Whether it’s a grand mansion or a chic industrial space, these venues offer a rich backdrop filled with character and charm, perfect for a wedding filled with romance and history.

CJ’s Off the Square

CJ’s Off the Square is an outdoor wedding venue known for its romantic garden setting. This all-inclusive venue offers wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and more. It features a beautiful garden for outdoor events, ensuring a picturesque backdrop for any celebration. The venue is designed to provide a stress-free planning experience with comprehensive event packages that include everything needed for a memorable day. • 218 3rd Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 216-7576 •

Cool Springs House

Cool Springs House, located in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a historic venue perfect for weddings and events. This charming house, originally built in the 1830s, features beautifully restored interiors and expansive outdoor spaces, including gardens and a gazebo. The venue offers a blend of vintage charm and modern amenities, making it ideal for intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. • 1490 Volunteer Pkwy, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 946-0389 •

Homestead Manor

Homestead Manor, located in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, offers a picturesque setting for weddings with its historic 1819 manor, lush lawns, and modern event barn. The property also features a coffee shop, bridal suite, and groom’s quarters. • 4683 Columbia Pike, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179, (615) 854-7975 •

Ravenswood Mansion

Ravenswood Mansion, located in Brentwood, is a historic 1825 Antebellum home set on 400 acres. It offers both indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a spacious stone patio and elegant changing suites for wedding parties. The venue can accommodate up to 300 guests for outdoor events and up to 80 guests indoors. • 1825 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 946-0389 •

The Venue at Birchwood Wedding Williamson County TN

The Venue at Birchwood

Modern Wedding Venues in Franklin and Williamson County, TN: Sleek and Stylish Settings

Experience the contemporary grandeur of a modern and luxurious wedding venue. Designed for the sophisticated couple, these venues feature cutting-edge amenities, stunning architectural designs, and lavish interiors. Whether set on expansive grounds or featuring stylish indoor spaces, they provide an opulent setting that caters to elegant, high-end wedding celebrations.

Graystone Quarry

Graystone Quarry offers a stunning venue for weddings with its reclaimed limestone rock quarry, lush surroundings, and modern amenities. The venue features the Hillside Pavilion for ceremonies, with stone pillars and breathtaking views. Receptions are held in the Gathering Hall, which boasts a rustic yet refined ambiance with a two-story stone fireplace and a courtyard overlooking a lit quarry pond and waterfall. The venue also includes spacious bridal suites and groom’s quarters to ensure comfort and convenience. • 4520 Graystone Quarry Ln, Franklin, TN 37064 •

The Venue at Birchwood

The Venue at Birchwood, located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, offers a stunning 26-acre property perfect for weddings. It features a picturesque stone chapel and a beautiful reception venue with timeless southern charm. The venue emphasizes affordability and uniqueness, ensuring a special day tailored to your vision. • 4749 Kedron Rd, Spring Hill, TN 37174, (615) 910-7736 •

Local Ark Wedding Venue Williamson County TN

Local Ark

Unique Wedding Venues in Franklin and Williamson County, TN: Distinctly Different Styles 

For those seeking a wedding venue with a unique twist, these specialized venues offer memorable settings. From enchanting garden locations to the rustic ambiance of a distillery, they cater to specific themes, ensuring your wedding stands out from the ordinary. Perfect for intimate gatherings or thematic celebrations, they promise a wedding experience tailored to your unique vision.

The Factory at Franklin

The Factory at Franklin offers several versatile venues for weddings, blending historic charm with modern amenities. The Factory provides multiple event spaces, including the Turner Theater, Liberty Hall, and The Heritage Room, each designed to accommodate various wedding styles and sizes. The venue is known for its rustic yet elegant atmosphere, making it perfect for both intimate gatherings and large celebrations. • 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 791-1777 •

The History & Culture Center of Williamson County

The History & Culture Center of Williamson County, in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, offers a distinctive setting for weddings with its historic and industrial-chic atmosphere. The venue features beautiful exposed brick, hardwood floors, and iron accents, accommodating up to 120 guests. It includes a private greenroom, various photo opportunities, and easy access to downtown Franklin’s attractions. The venue supports local nonprofits, adding a meaningful touch to your special day. • 108 Bridge St, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 640-8111 •

Leiper’s Fork Distillery

Leiper’s Fork Distillery, known for its high-end, small-batch whiskeys,  offers a one-of-a-kind venue for weddings and events. The picturesque setting includes beautifully landscaped grounds and historic structures, providing a memorable backdrop for any celebration. Guests can enjoy tours, tastings, and a distinctive atmosphere that highlights the rich heritage of Tennessee whiskey. • 3381 Southall Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 465-6456 •

Local Ark

Local Ark is a micro-wedding venue featuring a quaint white chapel and a charming barn for receptions. The property offers an intimate setting for weddings, accommodating up to 40 guests in the chapel and 52 in the barn. With curated photo areas, a full prep kitchen, and flexible rental options, Local Ark provides a versatile environment for small gatherings. • 111 Becky Ln, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 972-2141 •

Southall Meadows

Southall Meadows is a modern farm wedding and event venue featuring a blend of historic and modern event spaces. Set on over 200 acres, the venue features a 100-year-old barn, sweeping countryside views, and accommodations for up to 280 guests. Venue rental packages include coordination and partial planning options. • 3193 Southall Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 619-3311 •

Vanderbilt Legends Club Franklin TN

Vanderbilt Legends Club

Luxurious Club and Resort Wedding Venues in Franklin and Williamson County, TN: Opulence and Comfort Combined

Indulge in the exclusive comfort and upscale ambiance of a club and resort-style wedding venue. These venues boast stunning landscapes, from golf courses to scenic country clubs, each offering a blend of luxury and relaxation. With tailored services and picturesque settings, they are ideal for couples who wish to combine their nuptials with the elegance and extensive facilities of a club or resort.

Old Natchez Country Club

Old Natchez Country Club offers an elegant setting for weddings and special events. The venue features golf course views, indoor and outdoor event spaces, and personalized services. • 115 Gardengate Dr, Franklin, TN 37069, (615) 373-3200 •

Temple Hills Country Club

Temple Hills Country Club in Franklin, Tennessee, offers a beautiful setting for weddings with a 2,700-square-foot ballroom that overlooks a picturesque golf course. The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests and provides both indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. Wedding packages include tables, chairs, linens, a dance floor, menu tasting, and photo opportunities on the golf course. • 6376 Temple Rd, Franklin, TN 37069, (615) 646-4785 •

Vanderbilt Legends Club

Vanderbilt Legends Club offers an elegant venue for weddings and events with its two championship golf courses and beautiful scenery. The club provides indoor and outdoor event spaces, catering services, and personalized wedding packages. • 1500 Legends Club Ln, Franklin, TN 37069, (615) 791-8100 •

Harpeth Hotel

The Harpeth Hotel, located in historic downtown Franklin, offers an elegant and sophisticated venue for weddings. The hotel features beautifully appointed event spaces, including a stunning ballroom and a charming courtyard. To enhance your special day, the Harpeth Hotel also provides a full suite of customized wedding services. • 130 2nd Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 206-7510 •

Southall Farm and Inn

Southall Farm and Inn offers a luxurious and picturesque setting for weddings. The venue features expansive gardens, rolling hills, and indoor spaces designed to accommodate both intimate ceremonies and grand celebrations. Southall provides customized wedding packages, including farm-to-table cuisine. • 2200 Osage Lp, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 282-2000 •

Wedding couple rings

Celebrate Your Special Day at a Wedding Venue in Franklin and Williamson County, Tennessee

Franklin and Williamson County, Tennessee, stand out as destinations that cater to every couple’s dream wedding, whether it’s rustic, elegant, modern, or uniquely themed. As you plan your special day, consider the rich variety of venues this area has to offer. From the historic allure of manors and mansions to the pastoral beauty of farms and barns, and the sleek sophistication of contemporary settings, each venue promises to provide a perfect backdrop for your nuptials.