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Blessing From Fear Author Tricia Thornton to Sign Books at Franklin’s Main Street Festival

Blessing From Fear Author Tricia Thornton to Sign Books at Franklin’s Main Street Festival

Local Author Tricia Thornton appears at Franklin’s Main Street Festival, Saturday, Apr. 27 from 2 to 5 p.m. to sign her newly-released (Apr. 23rd) book, Blessing From Fear. Find her at a table in front of Landmark Booksellers, 114 E Main St, where she will be greeting readers, signing books and giving kids white feathers — a symbol from her book — when families stop by.

Blessing From Fear is written to help adults and children who are struggling with fear. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist who helps children and their families in Williamson and Davidson counties, Tricia shares how to cope with and learn from this often crippling emotion and how parents can help children who struggle with trauma, anxiety and phobias.

Blessing From Fear Author Tricia Thornton to Sign Books at Franklin's Main Street Festival

Blessing From Fear guides readers through how our brains work and sheds light on how psychosocial development and faith development impact the ways we experience and process the emotion of fear. In her book, Tricia pulls from years of academic study, her private practice experience, her background as a school counselor in public and private schools in Williamson and Davidson counties, her own experience with trauma and the ever-present emotion of fear that became a part of her life as a child. She details the tragic experience of the death of her beloved grandmother when she was six years old, followed by a second traumatic event — an intruder entering her childhood home in the middle of the night. These back-to-back experiences fanned the flames of fear in her young heart and ignited ongoing anxieties that continued to haunt her throughout her growing-up years and into adulthood. She earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development and certification as a school counselor at Vanderbilt University and her Master’s in Counseling at Denver Seminary. It was her quest to understand fear and the hope, healing and blessing she found along her journey that created within her passion for helping others struggling with big emotions.

Blessing from Fear is available beginning Apr. 23 at Landmark Booksellers, Amazon and everywhere books are sold. For more information about Author, Speaker, and Therapist Tricia Thornton, visit