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The Sizzle is Back! Get Ready to Celebrate Williamson County’s Best Businesses!

The Sizzle is Back! Get Ready to Celebrate Williamson County’s Best Businesses!

The countdown is officially on for the 2024 Sizzle Awards, Williamson County, Tennessee’s biggest celebration of the very best businesses our community has to offer! The Sizzle Awards are your chance to make your voice heard, boost your local heroes, and discover the hidden gems that make Williamson County such an amazing place to live and work. Mark your calendars, polish your party shoes, and get ready to shower your favorite Williamson County businesses with the recognition they deserve.

What’s the Sizzle All About?

It’s simple: we celebrate the people and businesses who make our community great. Every year, hundreds of thousands of votes are cast for the best of the best in Williamson County. From Best Fine Dining or Orthopedic Practice to featured categories like Cuisine, Health and Wellness, Personal Care, Entertainment, Shopping, and more, the Sizzle Awards recognize the businesses that go the extra mile to make Williamson County a special place.

How the Sizzle Magic Unfolds

The Spark: Williamson County businesses registered in the FranklinIs Business Directory are automatically included in the Sizzle Awards poll. Businesses who are not currently registered can do so any time—for free!  New and current businesses who wish to be included in more than one category can register for a Silver, Gold, or Platinum listing. Those come with perks, including links, photos, marketing support, and more!

The Flame: Here’s where your local knowledge takes center stage. Once registration closes on January 31, prepare to cast your ballot! Voting begins on February 1 and continues through February 28. Every vote counts in deciding who takes home the coveted Sizzle Award. This is your chance to champion the Williamson County businesses that deserve recognition for their contributions to our community.

The Blaze:  Finally, the moment arrives!  In March, we celebrate the winners at the Sizzle Awards Gala! It’s a night to bask in the glow of community spirit and celebrate the winners as they take center stage. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

The Glory: The Sizzle Awards aren’t just about bragging rights (although, that’s pretty awesome, too). Winners receive a coveted Sizzle Award plaque, digital badges for online bragging, and featured placements on the Sizzle Awards Winners Page. Winners will also be promoted within our directories and extensive email lists as well as in the media and throughout social media —putting them front and center for all the community to see!

Sizzle Awards Williamson County, TN_Register and Win!

The Sizzle Awards are more than just an awards ceremony; they’re a celebration of our shared identity, and a testament to the power of YOU. Register your Williamson County business, vote for the best, and celebrate at the 2024 Sizzle Awards Gala.

Don’t forget to follow the Sizzle Awards on social media and spread the word—let’s make the 2024 ceremony the hottest ever!

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P.S Stay tuned for updates and all the glitzy details about the Gala!