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The Sizzle Awards

FranklinIs, is the home of The Sizzle Awards – The original, longest running, largest and only not-for-profit “Best Businesses of Williamson County, Tennessee Awards”.  

Each year we hold a public vote with 100s of thousands of votes from Best Fine Dining to Best Orthopedic Practice to featured categories like Cuisine, Health and Wellness, Personal Care, Services, Entertainment and Shopping.  FranklinIs and The Sizzle Awards give the public a voice, the businesses an opportunity to promote and the community access to our choices of the best, FOR FREE!  Looking for the best businesses? Check out the best business choices our locals love and enjoy.

The Awards also provide awareness and donations to our charity partners.

“The Sizzle Awards represent the best of Williamson County. How inspiring to see businesses (family-owned or not), franchises and self employed all achieve success as voted by their customers, peers and neighbors,” 

Questions about the Sizzle Awards? email us at

Sizzle Award registration/nominations!

The infamous voter’s choice poll recognizing the “Best of the Best” businesses in Williamson County.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For your business to be part of the poll you must register your business at anytime. If your business is currently listed in the directory, you do not need to add it again to be included in the Sizzle Awards.  To check if your business is already registered CLICK HERE and search from your business name.  If it shows up you are good to go.  You can login and update your information if you would like.  Any changes can take 24-36 hours for your listing to be reviewed and published in the directory.

Click here to REGISTER FOR SIZZLE AWARDS or go to and select “add Directory” in the upper right corner of the website.

Once you are on this page.  Select an option to register your business for the Poll.  Free, Silver, Gold or Platinum.  Free allows your business to be in one (1) category for the Poll.  The others allow more categories, links, photos, marketing support and more.

The Sizzle Awards.  OVER 71,000 users on FranklinIs that will vote on your business.  Register and win.

  • Registration/nominations each year go continuous until January 31
  • Poll Voting – Opens on February 1 thru February 28th
  • Winners announced online, in the media and in a future issue of Brentwood & Franklin Lifestyle Magazine.

Click here to REGISTER FOR SIZZLE AWARDS and to be a recognized top business in Williamson County through the year! is proud of the voter’s choice poll recognizing the “Best of the Best” businesses in Williamson County.  Just add yourself to the Sizzle Directory.  Go to the link, Register – Its Free.

Be a Sizzle Award Winner! 

Click here to register/nominate your business


Annually we hold an Awards Gala.  The Sizzle Awards Winners Gala has been huge success with well over 500 attendees and great awareness and donations to our charity partners .  Food, music, drinks, friendships, great conversations and the announcement of the Best Business winners.  See all of The Sizzle Award Winners here!  We applaud your commitment to excellence and the growth of your business.

In addition to the Gala, there are mass digital announcements of the winners, published in the Brentwood & Lifestyle magazines, and press campaigns. Celebrating all the winners through media platforms, our Sizzle Awards Winners Page and throughout social media.  Promoting them within our directories and our huge community email lists. All winners will receive an Award and Logos to further promote their businesses and let the public know that Williamson County voted them the BEST!!!  Winners may select the option below to receive additional Awards and Logos.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I submit/nominate our business for the award voting? 
A: Great news.  You nominate your own business now.  Just go to ADD Directory on FranklinIs and register your business to be in the Poll.  Its Free. 


Q: How can I get more visibility or help our business get votes?
A: Most businesses will post announcements on their websites, in their business, on their social media and email customers to please vote.  Some come up with a Sizzle Discount or Special and will advertise and promote that.  Another effective way is to have your business advertise here on


Q: How long do we have to register/nominate our business?
A:  Anytime. You nominate yourself.  However, if you want to be in the poll from the beginning of when voting starts then get your business listed in the Sizzle Directory now so that you can be visible to voters the minute the voting polls are opened.


Q: When will The Sizzle Award Poll start?
A: We will start the poll voting on February 1.  Announcements will come on our website here, in social media and through our newsletters.  Get your business listed in the poll right away.


Q: Why does winning matter?
A: Winners gain amazing credibility through being recognized as one of the best businesses in Williamson County as voted by the public.  It’s a true open vote and is the original, largest and longest running business awards in Williamson County.  Every year there are over 300,000 votes.  Winners also can obtain a plaque and digital badge that can be used to further promote their credible status as one of the best businesses locally.  Additionally, the winners are announced through the press, Lifestyle magazines, on FranklinIs and rank in Google as the BEST BUSINESS.  So when someone is looking for the best business, you are that business!


Get your business in the Poll Directory now.  The Directory also gives you business visibility all year with a highlighted tracker to see how many visitors view your business.  See an example below.
Best of luck in becoming “best of the best” business of Williamson County as chosen by the public!