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Left Out

Left Out

By: Tom Cheredar

Early technology adopters may want to check at&t’s coverage maps before heading over to the apple store to purchase the second generation model iPhone, which features faster internet browsing on the 3G network.

However, not all areas of Williamson County fall under the upgraded network blanket. Residents in Spring Hill and Thompson Station are left out of the loop for now. Fairview has partial coverage depending on where you are in the city.

Customers who do decide to buy the second generation iPhones will still have to pay the additional $30 for a data plan but will have access to the new “App” store, which boasts over 500 applications to download– many that are free. If you don’t mind not surfing beyond your house, faster internet browsing can be attained over a personal wi-fi connection.

At&t stated that the 3G network is far from finished and they hope to complete a full coverage map by 2011. So it could be a while before all of Williamson Co. can surf at fast speeds using their iPhone. (e.g. you may want to consider relocating to Franklin…just saying!)

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