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John Carter Cash: 5 Random Questions…

John Carter Cash: 5 Random Questions…

John Carter Cash just recently finished both writing his mother’s biography, Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash (Thomas Nelson), and producing a new CD, Anchored In Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (Dualtone Music Group). We are honored that Cash still had the energy and enthusiasm to go a few rounds with FranklinIs and answer our Five Random Questions…

FI: Would your rather go hunting or fishing?
I am an avid outdoorsman and always have been for as long as I can remember.
My father taught me how to shoot a rifle when I was young and I still hunt.
I only hunt what I am going to eat though and do not condone hunting just
for sport.  I fish quite a bit in the spring and summer, mostly wading
creeks for smallmouth or trout.  I love the outdoors and look forward to any
time I can spend there.  I would rather do either, whatever is in season.  I
also love to take my children fishing with me.  My older son and my daughter
both love to fish.  I have not taught either of them to shoot yet.  I will
likely wait until they are teenagers for that, and only if they are
interested, adhering to the same rules and standards my father taught me.

FI: What is your favorite childhood memory?
I had many unforgettable times when I was young.  I had the opportunity to
travel the world with my parents and met many unique and wonderful people.
There were so many places: Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Japan, etc.  I
had the honor of meeting all the U.S. presidents to serve since I was born
in 1970.
The most treasured memories, however, are the times I spent with my Father
and sometimes Mother on fishing trips. We went on a five-day float on an
Alaska river that I will never forget.

FI: What was more challenging ­ writing the book or producing the tribute album?
Making the Anchored in Love CD was relatively easy and essentially a joyful process.  Of course, the book was joyous also, but though cathartic, was painful and laborious.  It was my first full-length book (the process itself would have been sufficiently exhausting), and entailed my reliving both my parent’s deaths with resolved totality. Though hard, I am grateful I wrote it.  I found a profound peace when the process was completed.  I realized a greater understanding, not only of my mother, but also myself.

FI: If you could live in any other city in the world, where would you settle?
First of all, I must say that wherever I could still be with my wife and
three children would be sufficient.  But anywhere?  That would depend on
what I was choosing to do with my life at that point.  If I wanted to fish
and relax, I would likely move to Cape Hatteras, NC.  If I were interested
mainly in hunting and hiking, I would likely move Oregon (we actually have a
second home there, and spend quite” a bit of time in the Willamette valley).
If I was to just “get away from it all I would either move to North Central
Australia or to Jamaica.  These are all wonderful places.  If I wanted to
raise a family, continue on with my production career, go to my church
regularly (and keep peace), I would be right where I already am, in central
Tennessee.  I think I will stay hereŠ at least for a while.

FI: How do you take your coffee?
I cannot offer coffee enough praise and credit in my life.  I take it in the
morning with one sugar and a dash of crème.  In the summer, I have iced
coffee in the afternoon with one sugar and no crème.  If I am at a coffee
shop, I always order it hot and ask for a cup of ice to make my own.  I
never drink it after 7 PM.  I love coffee. Maybe if I did take that “get
away from it all” option later in life, I could move to Jamaica and work on
a coffee farm.  That is where they make my favorite coffee, and since it is
hard to find and excessively expensive, I seldom drink it.

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John Carter Cash is a man who, for most Tennesseans and country-music fans, needs no introduction. He is singer-songwriter, producer, author and most definitely a family man. His website describes him as “Manager & Owner of Cash Cabin Studio, Husband of Laura Cash, Father of Jack Ezra, Anna Maybelle and Joseph John Cash, Son of Johnny Cash and June Carter.”

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