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Hollywood Hair for Spring

Hollywood Hair for Spring

Ladies, it is here!  The latest and greatest way to spruce up your hair!

In Style Magazine, one of my absolute favs… has a neat program on their website called Hollywood Hair Makeover.  I have already spent hours on the site, checking out different hairstyles and hair colors. 

It is so easy.  First you click here; it will take you to the Hollywood Hair Makeover Page.  After you become a member, you can upload a photo of your face or choose a face that most looks like your own.

Then comes the fun…
First the program will make you bald.
Then you have the option of fading out your pic’s background.
Next, you can select from hundreds of styles. 
Always liked a certain celeb’s hair…but wanted it to be more blonde or brown to match your own complexion? 

With this makeover, you can take the hair style you like best and try many different shades on.  I couldn’t stop laughing with some of the hair styles that I “tried on.”  And, I have got to say the next time I see my hair stylist, I will have emailed her some of these pics.  The great thing about this program is that you can save your favorites in your own hair archive and email them to friends. 

This hair makeover tool is so much better than flipping through a magazine for endless hours trying to image the right look on

you.  Now, within minutes you can see what you would look like with Jennifer Anniston’s hair or Beyoncé.  All the big players on listed on the website. 

It is just waiting for you to log in, create your new look, and feel fabulous for Spring!