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Franklin’s Charge

Franklin’s Charge

Franklin’s Charge is a group made up of individuals and organizations that believes that our history is our future and that our heritage is more important to preserve than another suburban development.

Our goal is to create a Civil War battlefield park commemorating the 1864 Battle of Franklin. This park, located on what was the eastern flank of the Franklin battlefield, will not only provide a historical perspective of this major Civil War battle, but will also be a preserved green space for all to enjoy. It will be a fitting and reverent memorial to the valiant soldiers from both the North and the South who fought there. It is also the largest Civil War battlefield reclamation project to ever be achieved in this country. And you can play an important part.


franklin's charge On the afternoon of November 30, 1864, despite the objections of Generals Cleburne, Cheatham and Forrest, General John Bell Hood marched his Army of Tennessee down Winstead Hill to the south of Franklin, Tennessee and into battle.

As Union soldiers sang hymns and Confederate bands played “Dixie”, Confederate infantrymen, exhausted, hungry and ill-clothed, charged the well-fortified Union line. The fighting was immediately brutal and savage. So much so, that the hours that followed were widely considered the bloodiest of the Civil War.

More soldiers from the Confederate Army alone were killed in those five hours than the Union Army lost in the 7-Day Battle, or the Battle of Shiloh lasting 3 days. In fact, more men lost their lives in the short Battle of Franklin, than on June 6, 1944, D-Day.

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