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Franklin’s Charge Pictures

Franklin’s Charge Pictures

Fighting For The Heartland 2008
A Symposium exploring the interpretation of the Civil War in Middle Tennessee.

Click here to see pictures from the Meeting of the Waters.  Thursday, June 19, 2008. Thursday evening, Franklin’s Charge kicked off the Summer Symposium Fighting for the Heartland at the Meeting of the Waters.  Joe Cashia and Robert Hicks were honored.  Guests enjoyed lemonaide, mint julips, and light hors d’oeurves from Constant Craving Catering.

Click here to see pictures from Friday Morning’s Symposium Tours! Friday, June 20, guests enjoyed enriched education tours led by talented historians such as Angela Calhoun, Thomas Cartwright and Eric Jacobson.

Tours, Dining, Roundtable Discussions and More from Friday’s Symposium! Guests enjoyed delicious dining, stimulating speakers, roundtable discussions and more tours of the land where men fought and died.

More tours, dining, discussions and more from Saturday’s Symposium! Click here to see the pictures!! Guests enjoyed breakfast, Sam Elliott’s  “A Review of Saturday Battlefield Tour Sites,” and an excellent discription of the battling  occuring at Thompson’s Station by Historian, Eric Jacobson.