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Walk Across Williamson Tally

Walk Across Williamson Tally

The Results: Final total with logs turned in April 5, 2008

Total minutes logged by all participants: 
133,676 minutes logged 10/07-3/08
35 Individual and 4 families
Total hours walking:                                  2,227 hours and 56 min.
20-minute mile average:                            6,684 miles
This is the distance from:
Franklin, Tennessee to San Diego, California            2,022
San Diego, CA to Vancouver, British Columbia          1,402
Vancouver, BC to Macon, Georgia                          2,869
Macon, Georgia to Franklin, Tennessee               +    336

Total miles                  6,629  w/ 55 miles left for side-trips
Individual statistics:

35 participants that turned in walking logs at all 6 participating parks:
-105,351 minutes of walking logged
-1,755 hours and 51 minutes
-5,267 ½ miles based on a 20-minute mile 

Overall winner and youth winner- Erin McKinney-11,985 minutes-Nolensville park
Adult Winner-
Bonnie McKinney- 10,450 minutes-Nolensville Park
Senior Winner-
Brenda Powell- 6,018 minutes- Pinkerton Park
Family statistics:
4 families participates that turned in walking logs at all 6 participating parks:
 – 28,325 minutes of walking logged
 – 472 hours and 5 minutes
 -1,416 ¼ miles based on a 20-minute mile

Overall winner-
The Wesling Family(John and Carol) 17,319 minutes- Pinkerton Park

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