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The Mission of Williamson County Schools

The Mission of Williamson County Schools

The Mission
“To cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student”

The Vision

The Williamson County Schools is a student-centered, academically enriching district that supports the collaborative educational efforts of students, teachers, staff and community.

The Goal
All students will show at least one year’s academic growth each year.

We believe. . .
1. All students can learn more than they are currently learning.
2. Education is the cornerstone of democracy and civility.
3. Respect for ourselves and others is demonstrated in our interactions.
4. Public education strives to achieve a balance between academic, career and technical, and extracurricular activities.
5. It is important for all constituencies to work together to attain the strongest educational system possible.
6. Our educational system is a learning community. All personnel engage in continuous growth
7. All forms of data are important in the determination of the present and future plans for public education.
8. Public education is a responsibility shared by schools, families, and members of the community. For example…
a. Students volunteer their attention and commitment when they are supplied with an engaging
curriculum. Students are the primary focus of our schools.
b. Teachers are leaders of students and designers of engaging, high-quality work.
c. Principals are “leaders of leaders” who ensure that teachers have the ability, flexibility, resources, and support required to design engaging work for each student.
d. District office and other support personnel serve to sustain the work of principals and teachers.
e. The Director of Schools ensures that the entire community is aware of the changing needs of the educational system and of the kinds of support required for the district to pursue its mission.
f. The school board members are advocates of public education and support the efforts of the
district as a whole to accomplish the district’s mission.
g. All members of the community will offer support in all possible ways when they understand the benefits of the positive results of public education.