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The ABC’s

The ABC’s

By Sarah Carlos

With the exception of the tired “sporty” look, designers’ 2007 spring collections exploded with grace and class. What a relief! To help keep it all straight, I have listed the top spring must-haves from A-Z. Yes, it really is that straightforward. Pay attention and keep this list at hand, ladies, because I guarantee these looks will be around for years to come and won’t fade out of style. Happy shopping!

A – Athleticwear. Hey, I don’t particularly like it in the fashion world – anoraks and all of that. But you can mix it up a little bit and make it fashionable. I don’t think it’s a very original concept; just gives more and more people to dress like slobs and call it fashion. But then again, nothing comes between me and my Puma’s – or my hoodie.

B – Ballet. Mr. Michael Kors himself believes that consumers are moving towards dance-inspired clothes. And who can blame him? Long cardigans over black leggings with lace-up pumps. I can almost hear the theme of Flashdance in the background….

C – Capris. I have to admit that Capris have grown on me. And I’m a tall girl. I wouldn’t go for the khaki for risk of looking twice my age, but the jean ones can be quite nice.

D – Day dresses. Cousin of the shirt dress, the day dress is classy, nipped at the waist and unforgettable. And if you can’t find exactly what you wish for in the day dress, the shirt dress will be around for years to come.

E – Eyelet. Eyelet works on everything from sweet white dresses to flirty sleeveless tops. Pair your piece with some chunky wedges or some rugged boots; the choice is up to you.

F – Flats. Shocking. I know. Me, the queen of heels to even utter the word flat must be criminal, right? Actually, no. They are comfortable, great with jeans, capris, and can always add a little edge – especially if they have a pattern.

G – Geometric prints. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Geometric prints have been around since the ‘40s. Go ahead – feel free to follow suit.

H – Hats – think Derby-style. They’ve never left really, and look oh so glamorous!

I – Itty bitty headbands. They are oh so delicate and are an excellent accessory for this spring and many years to come.

J – Jean jackets: versatile and classy. Wear one over an evening dress to tone things down or wear one with shorts and tennis shoes. It’s up to you.

K – Knee-skimming skirts. They may not be the best first-date option, but they aren’t just for church either! I guarantee you can still jazz it up, wear it to work and even make an appearance with the girls for cocktails. It’s all about how you work it!

L – Leopard prints. They look fabulous on everything – ballet flats, pants, sweaters, etc. Just make sure that you don’t try to match shades, such as light and dark, or you will look tacky.

M – Military jackets. Think of pairing the soft, structured pieces with something softer, like a feminine, lacy tank.

N – Nautical. Nautical will always be in: white pants, striped tops, red shoes. Take one element and make it your own or combine all three. No matter what, work it!

O – Open-toed pumps. Duh – right? They can go with anything, from jeans to shorts to that perfect little black cocktail dress.

P – Polka dots. You can go either one of two ways: one bold polka piece with everything else toned down or wear two pieces that contrast yet compliment one another.

Q – Quiet elegance. This season, there’s no need to shout. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses that softly drape are all the rage, so let them do all of the talking.

R – REALLY short skirts and dresses. It is definitely the trend to show off what you got, but be careful about not going too over the top. Wear some leggings next time if your friends are raising eyebrows.

S – Silver. I have been in love with silver since the 8th grade. I owned a silver shirt and thought I was the coolest chick out there. Seriously though, bags, tops, pants, go with it. Silver is the new white.

T – Trench coats. Trenches will always be huge – no question. If you don’t own one, buy one, NOW.

U – Understated bags. Simple clutches are now acceptable for daytime; likewise, large flight travel satchels are acceptable for night, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

V – Vests. Vests are really a reflection of the menswear thing happening right now, but with a simple tank, black or white pants and heels, they can be quite nice.

W – White jeans. White jeans were “it” in the ‘80s and will continue to be hip for years to come. Oh, and don’t forget pairing white with black. Always classic, always timeless.

X – (E)Xtremely large black sunglasses. Sunglasses that need their own windshield wipers = instant glam.

Y – Yellow. It is absolutely everywhere, but do you know how to wear it? Only wear one yellow piece, make the rest of the outfit neutral, and you are golden, my friend. Or, you can pair it with black to make the yellow pop – just make sure everything else you are wearing is black.

Z – Zebra. Not quite as cool as leopard in my opinion, but zebra certainly has its place. Grab a zebra print jacket or ballet flats, and you are good to go!