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Summer Makeup 2008

Summer Makeup 2008

Summer time is an excellent time to try new looks and bear a color on your eyelids or cheeks that you might not do during the winter.  Chances are your skin is sun-kissed and ready for a little make up escapade.

Where do you begin this summer with a fresh hot look?  My personal all time favorite is Bobby Brown.  This woman knows what she is doing!  This summer she has The Bronzed Pink Look, and it really works for most skin tones.  

Bobby Brown suggests pairing bronzed pink metallic eye shadows with ivory, naked and mahogany eye shadows.  In addition if you pair those shadows with her long wear gel eye liner, chances are your eyes will look fierce even after a dip in the pool.  But don’t forget those sweet lips of yours. 

Lips can tend to get dry and uninviting from the scorching sun.  Be sure to apply this lip balm in with its deep moisturizer.  Try it in a desert bronze with a crystal lip gloss to make your lips pop! 

If Bobby Brown isn’t your thing, I can’t recall hearing anything negative about MAC or Vincent Longo.  MAC has a steamy, cool look this summer with corals, blues, Turquatic and Turquatic Heat.  MAC’s shades are sure to set you out from a crowd in a sophisticated summer look. 

In addition, Vincent Longo has Shimmer, Glimmer and Shine collection this summer.  Within Vincent Longo’s collection is a nice compliment to both Bobby Brown’s and MAC’s looks.  Vincent Longo pulls the corals together with the bronzed and metallic looks to create an overall chic pallet. 

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