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Raise A Glass! – To Huckleberry Brewing

Raise A Glass! – To Huckleberry Brewing

Article by Linda Dohse

Photography by Deb Scally

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Adam Levine and Jim Harney crossed paths several years ago on their sons’ Cub Scouts camping trip and quickly realized they shared a common interest – owning their own business.

The pair decided to open The Whiskey Shot in downtown Nashville’s Printer’s Alley four years ago. When Covid hit in 2020, Jim decided an occasional change of scenery when home-schooling his kids was a good idea – and he chose the former Cool Springs Brewery.

After they found out the brewery owners were looking for a new opportunity, Adam and Jim decided to make Huckleberry Brewing Company their newest endeavor in 2022. Brewmaster extraordinaire Mat Lumm, who Adam and Jim met through a mutual friend, joined them to open the brewery. Stop in for some delicious craft beer brewed onsite, scrumptious food from their scratch kitchen, and lots of family-friendly neighborhood camaraderie. Huckleberry Brewing features a rotating lineup of their beer on tap, along with selections from local Tennessee breweries featured on guest taps.

Huckleberry Brewing prides itself on offering a wide selection of distinctive craft beer including:

Hazy Loco Lager
11 IBU 5.1% ABV
Clean, crispy, and crushable. Delicately hopped, the subtle bitterness allows the light-bodied malt character to really pop in flavor. This beer is intentionally made in a non-traditional and unconventional manner, however, it will surely please even the pickiest of lager lovers. A balanced bite of hops paired with a crisp, cracker-like flavor and aroma will have your taste buds singing.

“I can’t get enough of this stuff.” – Grady, Local beer enthusiast and regular customer

Jamie’s Juicy IPA
85 IBU 7.2% ABV
Bitter yet balanced, with a big aroma and juicy hop flavor. New Zealand and American hops provide a well-rounded hop profile. Massive amounts of hops give this beer its “juicy” character. The light malt backbone allows the bouquet of hops to really shine through. This isn’t a West Coast IPA or a New England IPA. It’s a mutant hybrid of both. Expect to taste /smell lemon peel, grapefruit rind, honeydew, honeysuckle, and tropical fruit.

“Best IPA I’ve had since leaving the West Coast.” – Nick, Local beer enthusiast and regular customer

Maroon Six Amber
23 IBU 5.4% ABV
Subtle notes of caramel are distinct in this medium-bodied amber ale. Light fruit aroma balances well with the roasted malt for a nice refreshing finish without being overly sweet.

“I love Maroon Six.” – Adam Levine, Owner

Dark Vade-r
36 IBU 8.9% ABV
Big, dark, roasty, rich, and bold flavor with a nice dry finish. Notes of toffee, caramel, coffee, chocolate, and subtle raisin are what you can expect when sipping this brew. Best to enjoy after allowing the beer to warm in the glass for a few minutes to truly enjoy the complexity of the malt. Don’t over-indulge or you may find yourself asking, “Who’s my father?” This one isn’t for the faint of heart!

“The Imperial Stout is worth the trip alone.” – Kevin, Local beer enthusiast and regular customer

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