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Pet Care in Williamson County, TN: A Guide to Grooming, Boarding, and Daycare

Pet Care in Williamson County, TN: A Guide to Grooming, Boarding, and Daycare

For pet parents in Williamson County, our furry companions aren’t just animals—they’re cherished family members. They add so much to our lives and all they ask in return is our love and care. And while belly rubs and walks around the block are essential, true well-being requires more. 

Finding the right services for your pet can sometimes feel like chasing squirrels. That’s where this guide comes in—we’re here to help you navigate the array of pet services in Williamson County. From expert grooming to fun daycare and top-notch boarding facilities, this guide will help lead you to the perfect services for your best friend.

Polish and Primp: Pet Groomers in Williamson County, TN

Looking for a pampering session for your dog or cat? Whether your canine companion needs a trim or your feline friend fancies a touch-up, Williamson County has a variety of talented groomers ready to make them shine! This curated list features both dog and cat groomers, offering services from basic baths and brush-outs to haircuts, massages, and even color!

4 The Love of Paws

This Franklin groomer offers three levels of grooming:  baths, partial grooms, and full grooms. Baths include a wash, dry, brush, gland check, ear cleaning, and nail trim. Partial grooms include all that plus a trim around the face, feet, and sanitary area. Full grooms include everything in a partial groom, plus a complete haircut.

1914 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 525-5552

Angie’s Pet Spa

Located near downtown Franklin, Angie’s Pet Spa offers a menu of grooming services for dogs of all sizes and cats, too. 

1409 W Main St #201, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 472-8986

Brentwood Grooming

Tucked away in Brentwood, this small grooming shop offers expert grooming services for dogs of all sizes. 

5009 Harpeth Dr, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 377-3047

Dapper Dog Grooming Co.

Along with traditional grooming packages, Dapper Dog offers color and a la carte options like nail trimming, teeth brushing, and gland expression.

1113 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 905-8157

Dog in bathtub with rubber duckies at a dog grooming facility in Franklin, Tennessee.


Dee-O-Gee grooms cats and all dogs, but specializes in Doodles. Each full dog grooming visit includes a bath and blowout, cut and style, nail trim, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, and gland expression. The Deluxe package includes all that and a blueberry facial and mud bath for sensitive skin. The salon also offers a DIY dog wash option where they provide all-natural shampoo, brushes, towels, high-powered dryers, tubs, water, and instructions. 

6001 Hughes Crossing #120, Franklin, TN 37064, (629) 348-3412

EarthWise Pet Nolensville

Any breed or size is welcome at Earthwise where they offer traditional grooming and specific breed styling by request. They also have available self-washing stations, featuring waist-high tubs with ramps or steps, pet-safe gentle shampoos, towels, brushes, and air dryers.

7028 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135, (615) 776-2888

Four Paws Pet Spa

Four Paws Pet Spa offers a comprehensive range of grooming services for both dogs and cats. Several grooming packages are available with add-ons like nail trims, fur coloring, and de-shedding. Beyond a regular groom, they offer spa treatments that can include massage and teeth brushing. For puppies, they offer a special package to gently introduce them to grooming. For cats, they offer baths, trims, nail trims, and de-shedding.

5070 Carothers Pkwy #106, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 431-1181

Cat in a small tub for grooming in Brentwood, TN.

Haute Dogge Grooming Salon

Whether your pup needs a complete makeover or a mini groom, Haute Dogge offers a range of packages in a kennel-free environment. In addition to grooming, they also offer additional services like flea and tick treatment, de-shedding, nail trims or grinds, and nail polish. For something unique, inquire about their creative grooming options. 

223 Bridge St, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 790-5071

Petco Grooming

Petco grooming salons are open seven days a week and offer grooming services for small to extra-large dogs. Grooming packages by appointment include traditional baths and haircuts, but they also offer walk-in services including nail trims, ear cleaning, paw balm, teeth brushing, and scented spritz. 

298 Spring Creek Dr, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 778-1839

210 Franklin Rd # 300, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 377-5360

Petsense by Tractor Supply

Petsense Pet Salon offers baths, trims, and full grooms for dogs. Add-on options include teeth brushing, nail polish, airbrush stencil, and more. Prices vary by size, breed, and coat condition, so you’ll get a personalized quote when you visit. 

1203 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 790-5038

Dogs looking through a fence while boarding in Franklin, Tennessee.

Safe and Sound: Pet Boarding and Daycare in Williamson County, TN

Whether you’re planning a trip or need a safe and fun space for your pet during the day, Williamson County boasts a variety of excellent boarding and daycare options. From luxurious suites with personalized attention to playful group settings and enriching activities, there’s a perfect fit for every personality. Explore your options below and get ready to find the ideal spot for tail-wagging fun and comfort!

Dogwood Hollow

Located in Arrington, TN, Dogwood Hollow offers boarding and daycare for dogs. 

Their boarding services include soothing music and natural aromatherapy to create a calm atmosphere. They offer a variety of boarding options to suit your dog’s needs: social butterflies can enjoy group play in secure yards, while more introverted dogs can have one-on-one playtime with the staff. They also offer care for puppies, seniors, and dogs with special needs.

For daycare, they offer 5 acres of fenced play yards and an expert staff trained in dog play dynamics. Each dog is carefully grouped by size, temperament, and play style.

9304 Independent Hill Rd, Arrington, TN 37014, (615) 624-3914

Greymont Kennel

Greymont Kennel offers dog and cat boarding, dog daycare, and professional training services on fifteen acres in the hills of Fairview. 

For dog boarding, each dog gets a private climate-controlled room with bedding and benches and access to an outdoor run. They offer different packages that include add-ons like personal cuddles and story time.

For cat boarding, they offer constant access to fresh water and food as well as supervised playtime.

A well-trained staff provides dog daycare, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. New guests must complete a free meet and greet to ensure they are a good fit for daycare. Once accepted, dogs can reserve a seat for the door-to-door van service, providing pick-up and drop-off services in the surrounding areas, including Franklin and Brentwood.

122 Loblolly Pine Blvd, Fairview, TN 37062, (629) 205-7641

My Second Home

This pet boarding facility offers boarding for both dogs and cats.

They provide different types of suites to cater to the specific needs of each dog, from standard accommodations to specialty suites for smaller breeds, older breeds, and multi-dog families. Their Creekside Cabins come complete with televisions, faux fireplaces, and nature views.

Cats are boarded in private, state-of-the-art, multi-floor cat suites with outdoor views and a see-through window bird feeder. 

For dog daycare, they offer all-day outdoor play with turf, splash pools, sprinklers, and play sets, plus a separate area for less active dogs and indoor rest breaks. All pets are supervised and grouped by temperament, with progress reports and spa options available.

The facility is equipped with webcams so you can keep an eye on your best friend while you are away!

101 Mission Ct, Franklin, TN 37067, (629) 236-9058

Ginger cat in a cat tree while boarding in Franklin, Tennessee.

Paw Pals Inc. Franklin

Paw Pals offers boarding and crate-free dog daycare in Franklin and Brentwood. They strive to provide a place where pups can socialize and play together in a safe and fun environment. 

310 Eddy Ct, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 599-1105

7114 Peach Court, Brentwood, TN, (615) 953-6910

Pet Pals TN

Pet Pals boarding simulates a home environment for your dog, catering to individual needs while respecting necessary boundaries. New pup guests require a temperament test and daycare trial before boarding.

Pet Pals’ dog daycare offers supervised play and rest time in a safe, kennel-free environment. They also offer a pick-up and drop-off bus service for regular daycare attendees and have discount packages available.

4470 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37067, (615) 763-5552

Pooch Playhouse & Boarding

Pooch Playhouse and Boarding offers dog boarding with spacious kennels and lots of playtime. Dogs socialize in an outdoor/indoor play area, with individual kennel time for meals, rest, and overnight. Enrichment boarding adds one-on-one mental stimulation activities like puzzles and games. A trial day of daycare is required before boarding,

For daycare, they offer a supervised, semi-cage-free experience with playtime and socialization for your pup.

1001 Parkway Dr, Spring Hill, TN 37174, (931) 486-3200

Dogs running in grass while boarding in Franklin, Tennessee.

The Farm At Natchez Trace

The Farm at Natchez Trace offers boarding for dogs and cats as well as dog daycare.

The dog boarding facility offers various room sizes for different needs, from multi-dog families to seniors, with amenities like room service, daily cleaning, and in-suite entertainment. Rooms are assigned based on individual pet needs and personality, and separate mealtimes are provided to avoid conflicts.

For cat boarding, they offer cat condos designed for safety, comfort, and climbing. Handlers provide cuddles and playtime in a dedicated playroom with a jungle gym structure. 

For dog daycare, they offer Adventure Day Camp, a flexible program tailored to each dog’s personality and preferences—from social butterflies to solo pups. Available seven days a week, this program allows pet parents to book single or multiple days.

The Woof Club Daycare program is for regulars. It requires a minimum one-day-a-week commitment and is designed to offer consistent pack socialization. 

The Farm also offers cat daycare in a separate Cat Cottage with multi-level condos, floor-to-ceiling windows, and expert care, ideal for cats needing a safe space during the day.

9479 TN-96, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 662-6628

The Pampered Pooch Pet Resort

Pampered Pooch offers boarding for dogs ad cats as well as daycare for dogs.

Dogs who board at Pampered Pooch are provided interactive group play in indoor and outdoor areas, cozy beds, soothing music, climate control, and frequent potty breaks. They also get some private play time and a daily post on Facebook.

Cats stay in a multi-level cat condo sanctuary featuring climbing adventures, napping nooks, and Kuranda beds for lounging.  They can explore privately or socialize with other guests and you can see how they are doing with daily Facebook posts.

Dog daycare is designed so dogs can run and play all day long, inside and out, in smaller groups with lots of human contact.

904 Bluff Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027, (615) 618-9509

The Pawsh Palace

The Pawsh Palace serves the Franklin area with dog boarding and daycare services. 

For boarding, they offer the ultimate luxury pup vacation with large play areas, oversized private suites, comfy orthopedic beds, personalized attention, and engaging activities. They welcome all dogs, from puppies to seniors with special requirements.

Daycare includes social play, mental stimulation, naptime, and enrichment activities in climate-controlled spaces.

1552 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, (615) 920-4321

Happy dog running with a toy at a doggie daycare in Franklin, Tennessee.

Finding Your Pet’s Happy Place in Williamson County, TN

We hope this guide helps you discover the perfect fit for your pet, ensuring a safe and happy experience when grooming or staying away from home. We know this isn’t just about picking a service provider; it’s about finding someone who will love and care for your pet as much as you do. We encourage you to delve into reviews and tour the facilities to find the ideal match for your beloved family member. Let this guide be your first step toward ensuring your pet enjoys a nurturing, happy, and pampered experience, even in your absence!