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Pay A Visit To Nashville’s First Cidery

Pay A Visit To Nashville’s First Cidery

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Tennessee may be known for its whiskey, but a pair of friends are working to bring a new drink of choice to the region: hard cider. A staple in the Pacific Northwest, hard cider is a crisp, refreshing alternative to beer, with apples at its core (pun intended).

“My business partner, Adam Diskin, moved to Nashville about 12 years ago from the Seattle area,” Todd Evans, founding partner of Diskin Cider, recalls. “When he arrived here, he could not find any craft cider on the shelves.”

With the abundance of apples in the northwest, cider’s popularity was trailing close behind craft beer. Together, Adam and Todd saw an opportunity to bring the trend to middle Tennessee.

“We started making cider in his garage,” Todd shares. “We toyed around with all different things, and that began the journey.”

The pair committed to continuing their education, even moving to Washington to take classes and work in an operating cellar to learn the proper production process: one that begins with raw apple juice and moves through fermentation, blending, carbonating and canning or kegging. With their recipe perfected, the doors of Nashville’s first cidery, Diskin Cider, opened in May of 2018.

“We were hoping for around 1,000 [at the opening], and we had about 5,000 people show up,” Todd recalls. “There are very few things in Nashville that you can say you’re the first and only of, so we really rode that train.”

A key initiative for the Diskin team revolves around education to break the perception of what craft cider actually is. When you arrive at the cidery, the team is prepared to make recommendations based on personal drink preferences, so you’ll find your favorite in no time.

“When you hear the word cider in the south, the premonition is always sweet,” Todd says. “Every day, in everything we do, we educate people on what craft cider is and what makes us different.”

Sourcing tannic apples – which are bitter in taste – from Shelby, Michigan, the order is pressed fresh, loaded and delivered to Diskin in no more than 36 hours. The result is an incredibly fresh base before beginning the fermenting process. The brand offers anywhere from 12 to 15 ciders available at a time, ranging from best-sellers like Todd’s favorite, the dry and bubbly Bob’s Your Uncle, or innovative flavor pairings like passion fruit habanero.

“I lived in Franklin up until about two years ago, and there’s nothing better than walking into a grocery or liquor store and seeing your product on the shelf,” Todd shares. “Growing up in this town, we’ve developed great relationships. We’re looking to partner versus just sell products, and that’s helped us tremendously.”

All are welcome (pups included) at the Diskin Cidery in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville, open Thursdays through Sundays. Check the calendar for regular events ranging from trivia to pre-parties for Nashville SC home games.