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Patina Home & Garden Now Offering Organically Grown Produce From Owners’ Patina Meadow Farm

Patina Home & Garden Now Offering Organically Grown Produce From Owners’ Patina Meadow Farm

LEIPER’S FORK, TENN. (June 4, 2024) Just in time for summer, Brooke and Steve Giannetti are pleased to offer organically grown produce in the Farm Shop at Patina Home & Garden. The vegetables are locally grown at their Leiper’s Fork farm, Patina Meadow, and meticulously cared for by daughter Leila, the farm overseer.

Leila Giannetti plans to supply an array of fresh vegetables – like cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, peppers – along with herbs and flowers. All of Patina Meadow’s produce and flowers are grown without artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, to maintain the health of the soil and the microbes, insects, and animals that call it home. Leila takes this extra care because she believes, and it has been shown, that our soils’ vitality is directly related to our own. 

“Patina Meadow is a farm rooted in a reverence for nature and connection,” Leila said. “That deep appreciation influences every aspect of our farm, including our growing practices in our market garden, the Bloomerie.”

Offering locally grown produce and fresh cut flowers in Patina Home & Garden’s Farm Shop lines-up with the Giannetti’s design principles of nature, history and community. The highly curated retail experience in the heart of Leiper’s Fork exists as a community gathering place, including a popular “pickers corner” and back porch that overlooks Leiper’s Creek, for relaxing.

“We are thrilled to fill our Farm Shop with the fruits of our labor, offering locally and thoughtfully grown flowers and seasonal produce that nurture the well-being of our whole community,” Leila concluded.

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If you want to see images of the growing produce and learn more about why Leila grows the way she does, you can read “The ‘Why’ Behind Patina Meadow Produce” on the Velvet & Linen Blog on our website.