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National Young Scholars Program

National Young Scholars Program

This summer, high-achieving elementary school students will take part in the National Young Scholars Program (NYSP). Held at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, NYSP inspires outstanding 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students to explore, invent, learn and think creatively.

Hunter Metts, was nominated and accepted to represent his school and our community at the 2008 National Young Scholars Program!  On June 28th he will be joining high-achieving students from around the country for a week of educational adventure at North Carolina’s Wake-Forest University.  Rarely has a program of this depth and magnitude been developed exclusively for high-achieving students in this age group.

He was one of six nominees chosen by his principal and a teacher at Liberty Elementary School in Franklin where he just finished third grade. The nomination was based upon scholastic merit, exceptional maturity and leadership ability.  Metts is an honor roll student, a Boy Scout and plays several sports.  He is learning how to play the guitar and performs with in the Liberty Chorus.

Metts raised most of his tuition by sending letters to family and local businesses.  He has contributed $200.00 of his own personal money as well!  The area companies that have sponsored Hunter are The Williamson County Retired Teacher’s Association, MarketGraphics, Cool Springs Eye Care and Franklin Dermatology Group.

“The National Young Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to engage in hands on interactive learning, while challenging them in an intellectually stimulating environment outside of the regular classroom,” said Dr. Donna Snyder, a former classroom teacher, elementary school principal and university professor, who designed the Program’s curriculum.

NYSP gives students the chance to unleash their full learning potential as they further their interest in specific areas of study such as environmental science, architecture, weather, world exploration, forensic science and medicine. Throughout the Program, young scholars engage in challenging coursework, gain a greater sense of independence and experience a renaissance of learning. The Program culminates with student-created projects tying in leadership skills learned with the discoveries made in their specific area of study.

Activities such as investigating a balanced environment, exploring customs from around the world, embarking on a fascinating journey into the human body and solving a “whodunit” through work in a model forensics lab are just a few highlights of the innovative curriculum. Simulation activities and role-play encourage scholars to develop their leadership skills, while introducing them to the concepts of teambuilding, problem-solving, public speaking and goal-setting.

“NYSP taps into the natural curiosity that students at this young age already have,” said Dr. Snyder.

“This program will help them continue down a path toward a lifelong love of learning.”

NYSP is sponsored by the National Center for Early Academic Excellence (NCEAE), an
independent educational organization dedicated to identifying, inspiring and honoring the nation’s most promising elementary school students. NCEAE is comprised of highly successful practitioners in the field of elementary education who boast over 20 years of experience in implementing successful education programs for students.

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