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Spotlight on Williamson County Animal Center: Providing More Than Shelter

Spotlight on Williamson County Animal Center: Providing More Than Shelter

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day takes place on April 30th each year, highlighting the plight of millions of animals in shelters nationwide. Shelters, often overcrowded with lost, abandoned, or surrendered pets, struggle to care for all the animals in need. This day encourages individuals and families to consider adopting a shelter pet, providing deserving animals a second chance at a loving home.

Locally, Williamson County Animal Center (WCAC) is an essential resource in the community, dedicated to improving the lives of animals and their human companions. A public shelter serving Williamson County residents, it accepts all types of domestic animals and boasts a high live release rate of 96% for the roughly 3,500 animals it receives each year. 

While National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day encourages adoption, that’s not the only way to support these animals in need. Read on to learn more about WCAC and how you can get involved in the important work of caring for animals right here in Williamson County.

Family adopting a dog at animal shelter

Services Offered by Williamson County Animal Center

Williamson County Animal Center goes beyond simply sheltering animals. They offer services designed to promote animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and community safety. These services range from finding forever homes for loving companions to assisting with lost pets and population control initiatives. 

Pet Adoption

WCAC emphasizes the importance of adopting pets to give them a loving home. They facilitate the adoption process, providing detailed information and support to prospective pet owners, ensuring a good match between the pets and their new families.

Spay/Neuter Services

To control the pet population and promote responsible pet ownership, WCAC offers free and low-cost spaying and neutering services. These services are crucial in preventing unwanted litters and reducing the number of animals in shelters.

Animal Control

WCAC’s animal control officers play a vital role in community safety and animal welfare. They respond to calls regarding local animal regulations and work to educate the public about the laws concerning pet ownership in Williamson County.

Lost or Found Animal Assistance

The center provides resources and recommendations for individuals who have lost or found a pet. This service helps to reunite lost pets with their owners and ensures that found pets are cared for properly until they can be returned or rehomed.

Rabies Vaccination Clinics

WCAC holds regular, low-cost rabies vaccination clinics to prevent the spread of the rabies virus in pets. 


Microchipping pets significantly increases the chances of reunification if they get lost. WCAC offers low-cost microchipping services, available without an appointment during weekdays and at monthly rabies vaccination clinics. 

Pet Surrender Assistance

For those in challenging situations where keeping a pet is no longer feasible, WCAC offers guidance and support for rehoming pets. They provide a compassionate option for owners needing to surrender their pets, ensuring the animals continue to receive care and the opportunity for a new home.

Working or Barn Cat Adoption Program

This program is designed for those who need cats primarily for outdoor living, where they can help control rodent populations. This program suits cats that are not inclined to be indoors, but are well-suited to environments like barns, farms, or warehouses. 

The Humane Trap Rentals Program

This program offers trap rentals for safely capturing outdoor cats to bring them in for spaying or neutering. The program supports Trap-Neuter-Return initiatives, ensuring cats are returned to their original locations post-procedure, helping control the population and increasing chances for lost cats to reunite with their owners.

Euthanasia Services

The WCAC provides low-cost euthanasia services, acknowledging the difficult decision when pets must be humanely put to rest. While owners cannot be present during the procedure, the center offers options for cremation, helping owners find peace during this challenging time.

Williamson County Animal Center Cat Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities at Williamson County Animal Center

Participating in National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day doesn’t necessarily require adopting a pet. The Williamson County Animal Center offers numerous ways for individuals to contribute.

Pet Foster Program

WCAC’s Pet Foster program provides temporary homes for animals in need. By fostering, you help animals recover from medical procedures, gain social skills, or grow until they’re ready for adoption. The center supports foster families by supplying all necessary items such as food, medication, and bedding at no cost. Interested individuals can apply to foster cats, dogs, or other animals. 

Volunteer with Cats

WCAC offers a volunteer program specifically for individuals interested in working with cats. Volunteers can participate in various activities such as socializing cats, grooming, assisting with adoptions, and more. The program is open to those 14 and older, with special provisions for junior volunteers aged 12-13 accompanied by an adult. The onboarding process includes video orientation, in-person training, and a shadow session to ensure volunteers are well-prepared.

Volunteer with Dogs

WCAC provides a structured volunteer program for those interested in working with dogs. Volunteers aged 16 and up can participate alone, while those 12-15 may join as junior volunteers with an adult. The program includes an initial video orientation, followed by in-person training and hands-on sessions. Duties include walking dogs, socializing them, and helping at adoption events. Commitment to at least one shift per week is required. 


Pawsabilities is designed to include community members with special needs in activities and volunteerism at WCAC. It offers two participation options: group classes and individual volunteering. Group classes allow organizations or families to learn about animal care, meet pets, and engage in service projects, while individual volunteering pairs participants with a mentor for hands-on activities with the animals. 

Community Service Hours

WCAC offers opportunities for fulfilling community service hours for both court-ordered and scholastic purposes, with specific tasks like cleaning and facility upkeep. Court-ordered service cannot be completed through the cat or dog volunteer programs. All service must be scheduled in advance, and volunteers must be 14 or older, with younger children accompanied by an adult.

Get Your Kids Involved

WCAC offers a variety of programs to get children involved in animal welfare. These include on-site and at-home projects, donation drives, and scout badge programs. A highlight is the Book Buddies Reading Program for children aged five to twelve, where kids read to shelter cats, aiding both animal socialization and their own reading skills. 

Volunteer as a Group

WCAC offers a group volunteer program that allows up to 15 people to contribute to various tasks. While direct animal interaction is limited due to required training, groups can engage in support activities such as preparing supplies for the veterinary office, organizing food and litter bags for foster families, creating shelters for community cats, and writing thank-you cards to donors. Group volunteer sessions are scheduled in two-hour blocks during weekdays. This program also encourages groups to conduct donation drives, enhancing their impact on the center’s operations.

Williamson County Animal Center Dog in Kennel

Other Ways to Support Williamson County Animal Center 

Whether you have time, resources, or simply a love for animals, WCAC offers various ways to support its mission.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations to WCAC support their impactful programs that benefit both animals and the community. You can make cash contributions directly at the center, where you can also purchase WCAC merchandise. Alternatively, checks can be mailed to their address in Franklin, TN. Online contributions are possible through the Friends of Williamson County Animal Center

Donate Items

WCAC welcomes donations of new or gently used items to support the care of pets and community animals. Donors can drop off items anytime in designated bins outside the center or during business hours for a receipt. The center’s ongoing needs include cat and dog food, toys, grooming supplies, and bedding. You can also make donations via their Amazon and Chewy wish lists. For a detailed list of acceptable items and donation guidelines, visit their Donate Items page.

Support Friends of Williamson County Animal Clinic

Supporting the Friends of Williamson County Animal Center (FWCAC) is a way to help this nonprofit organization that works closely with WCAC to improve the welfare of animals in the community. FWCAC assists by funding special projects, promoting adoptions, and enhancing the center’s facilities. Donations to FWCAC can be made directly on their website, where you can also learn more about their specific initiatives and how they impact local animal welfare efforts.

Sponsor the Center

WCAC offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses to support their mission. Businesses can partner with the center to sponsor events, programs, or specific needs. Sponsorship benefits may include brand visibility at the center and during events, recognition in promotional materials, and the satisfaction of supporting community animal welfare efforts. 

Donate While Shopping

Link your Kroger Shopping Card to Williamson County Animal Services to contribute to an annual donation through the Community Rewards program.

Purchase a Memorial Paver

For a $100 donation, you can personalize a paver displayed outside WCAC’s main entrance, creating a lasting tribute to a beloved human or animal companion.

Rent the Education Room

Host your event and support the animal center. Rent the Emily Magid Community Education Center for birthdays, meetings, parties, and more. The 1,200 sq ft space is perfect for gatherings of up to 99 people.

Williamson County Animal Center Pet Adoption

Providing Hope and Care For Animals in Need at Williamson County Animal Center

Whether you’re looking to adopt a loving companion, contribute your time or resources, or simply learn more about responsible pet ownership, Williamson County Animal Center offers a multitude of ways to get involved. National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day may raise awareness about the plight of animals in shelters nationwide, but WCAC’s dedication to animal welfare extends far beyond a single day. Visit their website, stop by the center at 1006 Grigsby Hayes Ct, Franklin, TN 37064, or call them at (615) 790-5590 to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of animals in Williamson County.