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Moon Walks

Moon Walks

That’s right moon walks are an excellent way to end the day.  I am not talking about those fancy Michael Jackson dancing steps…or those huge inflatable bouncing things at fairs…I am talking about taking those evening strolls with your little ones in the stroller.  After a nice dinner, after the routine baby bath, bundle your little one up in his or her pjs and jacket and head out for a walk. 

As you walk encourage your little one to say goodnight to the trees, the street light, the moon, the stars, etc; This evening stroll is a special way to get your child to relax and bring closure to the day.  He or she will know that when the moon comes out and the sun goes to sleep, it is time for him or her to start getting ready for bed. 

But, there are other benefits to taking evening strolls.  It gives you a chance to relax rather than chase your children around the house, a chance to chat with your spouse and reflect on the day.  Not to mention, you will burn a few more calories, and that will make you feel better, too. 

So, get out there take a moon walk with your precious family.  August, September and October are perfect months for moon walks.