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Leather Bags

Leather Bags

Fabrizio, the chief designer of Satch & Fable has announced the launch of the company’s collection of made in Italy handcrafted leather bags including handmade leather messenger, handmade duffel bag, handmade satchel or briefcase. Satch & Fable is a Brooklyn-based private firm established with the primary goal of providing to its esteemed customers the most exquisite and fascinating made in Italy handcrafted collection of bags. In line with this is the company’s passion to revitalize the old and globally known craftsmanship associated with the Italian culture.

To achieve this laudable objective, Satch & Fable gathered the most experienced and talented professionals in bag crafting coupled with the most cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology in the industry. This has enabled the firm to earn a standing reputation in the successful delivery of high quality, hand crafted made in Italy collection of bags coupled with the most effective and efficient customer services to the awe and satisfaction of its enviable customers.

According to Fabrizio, every bag we offer is purely high quality and handmade from product idea conceptualization to finish using globally certified high quality and durable fabrics as well as fascinating and captivating Italian-labour filled with exquisite craftsmanship and glamour. We have the passion and believe in going back to the older and better ways of doing things, thereby revamping the Italian craftsmanship and professionalism which clearly have manifested in our line of handmade leather bags”.

The team of professional craftsmen and women at Satch & Fable take time to understand the trend in the leather bag industry as well as the specific needs of their customers before crafting and delivering the most attractive, creative and fascinating handmade leather bags to their customers at affordable rates leading to positive customer reviews and referrals. The team of professional craftsmen and women take pride in ensuring that their customers are satisfied beyond their expectations as the bags can withstand every day wear and tear.

“For making our luxury bags, we do not mass procure hides or leather at cheap rates. We ensure that each piece of the world famous Italian leather (hide) that we use is hand-picked by our experts from tanneries around Naples, Marche and Benevento. Skilled Italian craftsmen and women who have mastered the art of precision cutting of leather and sewing the bags for many generations use their expertise to churn out bags as per our designs made in Brooklyn, United States. So our customers get US fascinating customer service and Italian exquisite craftsmanship — perhaps the best of both worlds, as they say!” commented Fabrizio.