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Kate Figler Designs – Kate Figler Shares Her Passions 

Kate Figler Designs – Kate Figler Shares Her Passions 

Article by Myra McEntire

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Kate Figler of Kate Figler Interiors delights in classic design with fresh twists. Below are the four things she’s most passionate about seeing in a home.

1 – Traditional purpose. “Nashville has a very unique market with new construction and renovations. Selections should not be trendy. Keep elements difficult to remove or replace as timeless as possible, and then layer in something whimsical or fun. I encourage clients to select things that will still look good 25 years from now.  Many clients say, ‘I want this house to look like it has been here forever and like it belongs here.’ I spend a lot of time advising clients on that, a lot of time thinking about it, and a lot of time studying it.”

2. Textiles. “I believe your home should reflect your personality. I try to push people to bring in textiles that are one-of-a-kind and super custom. I love mixing different patterns from different materials and wallpaper patterns as well. A throw pillow is a very easy thing to swap out down the road. I encourage people to take risks in those areas. Your home is a unique reflection of you, what you’re drawn to, and your taste. Having products in your home that are made by hand by someone halfway across the world.”

3. Incorporating history. “In the south, most of my clients come to me with grandmother’s breakfront or dining table or dining room chair, with many antiques that have been handed down through generations. I encourage them to work those into their homes if they’re in good shape and handsome. Not everything should be new. Old pieces ground a space.”

4. “Make sure what you have in your home tells a story. Display those inherited items and take all that old china out of the boxes! We can think of a fun way to display antiques in your house. We can make things work for the way you live, whether it’s by using a performance fabric on a piece or a Roman shade instead of drapery. We can ensure that an heirloom chair is in a corner rather than the main sitting area, so it gets less wear and tear.”

“Being a chameleon makes this job interesting,” says Kate. Trying to meet my clients where they are and hoping they walk into their homes and say, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so us!’ That’s my ultimate goal.”
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  1. “I’m passionate about keeping the traditional purpose of rooms with a traditional timeless look.”
  2. “Custom pieces are made by somebody, human hands, not a machine. I encourage people to invest in their homes and to appreciate the quality of what they’re getting.”
  3. “There are ways of repurposing old pieces; there’s a history to them, a patina you can’t get when a whole room is new. I love beautiful finishes that have been around forever, like lacquered brass or marble.”
  4. “I encourage reimagining pieces and including them in my designs as much as possible. There are so many ways to include furniture and precious pieces in a house that are thoughtful.”