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It’s All or Nothing

It’s All or Nothing

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Martin, Jr., and The Martin Foundation are more than pleased to support the Heritage Foundation’s campaign to save the Franklin Theatre with a $1.5 million pledge but this pledge is an all-or-nothing challenge grant:  the Heritage Foundation must match every dollar of this pledge by December 31st or lose the pledge entirely.

The Heritage Foundation office and board have so many wonderful stories associated with their efforts; one city employee had been saving her overtime pay just to give to the Franklin Theatre; one Neighborhood Association collected for the cause and donated over $3,000; one granddad bought a theatre seat in honor of his two granddaughters; and one family purchased a theatre seat for the entire family in lieu of Christmas shopping this year!

Every donation made during this time counts double!!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is the hope that this community will put save the Franklin Theatre at the top of the list for a lasting legacy gift that will be honored for many generations.  The Foundation is offering payment plans for gifts of $2,500 or more.  Just a good faith deposit and a signed pledge this year will count towards the challenge grant.

Last week the Heritage Foundation announced the selling of theatre seats and 50 seats have already been sold!  You can become an “Oscar Winner” by purchasing a theatre seat for $2,500 per seat.  Only 200 seats will be commemorated.  Your legacy seat commemoration will be displayed on a custom-made bronze plaque in the theatre lobby.  Commemorations range from listing your name or business name to dedicating a seat in honor or in memory of your family and friends.  This plaque will be on display permanently in the lobby of the theatre.

For business owners and corporations, consider the purchase of a bronze star medallion at $25,000 to include your business/corporate logo and name.  Only 20 bronze star medallions are offered and will be displayed for eternity in the new theatre lobby which means perpetual advertising for your company!

Gifts of all sizes will make a difference and all gifts are 100% tax deductible.  To make a donation or to discuss a pledge and payment plan, please call Damon Rogers at 615.591.8500 extension 11 or visit our website to make a donation at